50 Loved-Up Celeb Couples

Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor

One of the biggest age differences we found and thought worth mentioning on this list is that of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. The age difference between them is a whopping 32 years. They have been together for about 5 years now but actually met a decade before they started dating. Paulson shared that the first time she saw Taylor, she was instantly struck by the woman’s beauty. In 2015, the veteran actress, to her credit, mustered up the courage to slide into Paulson’s DM’s, and their relationship bloomed.

It is really interesting that Taylor kicked their relationship off on twitter, which is clearly the most modern way. The two have been talking very explicitly about their relationship since then. They found their age gap is not a hinder but promoter to their relationship. Now the pair are open about their relationship and are often spotted together attending various events.