Tina Turner was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, and her former name was Anna Mae Bullock. She was the youngest child of her family and has two older sisters. During her childhood, Bullock lived with her dad, who was an overseer of a farm. She used to pick cotton with her family. Tina Turner went through a tough year in 2018, after her son’s passing. On her Twitter account, she posted a photo releasing a rose into the water.

Instead of having a burial, she scattered her son’s ashes in the ocean. She was joined by close friends and relatives during the difficult time as she bid her eldest, Craig Raymond Turner goodbye. There was also a Broadway show of her biographical musical titled Tina, staged during autumn of 2019. Her years of being in the limelight get credit for her financial security. Now at 80, she holds a net worth of $200 million.