50 Loved-Up Celeb Couples

Richard Gere, 70, and Alejandra Silva, 37 – 33 year difference

Despite the 33-year gap, Alejandra Silva never found an issue with her age difference with husband, Richard Gere. She believed in his promise of “20 good years” and that he would keep his word.They first met at a film festival in 2014. After a year, they officially became a couple just after a few dates. In early April 2018, Richard Gere married Alejandra Silva. In August 2018, they announced that they will have their first baby.

They have two children together. First child, Alexander , was born in February 2019, and the second child was born in April 2020. With the age difference, fans started to wonder if their relationship would last long. And sure it did. After three years of romance, Richard and Alejandra tied the knot in April 2018. A month later, the actor prepared a grand celebration for their families and friends at his New York mansion, which was probably lavish to the highest degree.