Golden Aged Celebrities and Where They are Now

Betty White – 98

Who does not know Betty White At the age of 98, this actress has deemed a national treasure of America. She is a famed actress and comedian, who has the longest TV career of any entertainer in US history, spanning over eight decades. Betty Marion White was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on January 17, 1922. She has stated that Betty is her legal name and not a shortened version of Elizabeth. White has received many accolades and is even part of a lot of TV and movie records in history.

She is a staple panelist of US game shows, like Password, Match Game, Tattletales, and many more. Not to mention, this showbiz veteran is a Hollywood Walk of Famer and Television Hall of Famer. She gets credit as one of the first women who has worked in front of and behind the camera. She is also the first woman who produced a sitcom, Life with Elizabeth, which earned her the honorary designation of Mayor of Hollywood in 1955.