Golden Aged Celebrities and Where They are Now

Most celebrities are often forgotten and some would even think that they are no longer with us. It’s surprising to see how those who’ve reached the golden age managed to still look gorgeous and healthy for their years. The celebrities on this list are icons for both music and the film industry. Though we’d often want to be in the loop with our favorite icons, there are those we miss, mainly because they’ve shied away from the limelight for such a long period. Read through this listicle, and be in the know with how they’ve been, where they are, and what they’re up to.

Betty White – 98 – $75 million

Who does not know Betty White? At the age of 98, this actress has deemed a national treasure of America. She is a famed actress and comedian, who has the longest TV career of any entertainer in US history, spanning over eight decades. Betty Marion White was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on January 17, 1922. She has stated that Betty is her legal name and not a shortened version of Elizabeth. White has received many accolades and is even part of a lot of TV and movie records in history.

She is a staple panelist of US game shows, like Password, Match Game, Tattletales, and many more. Not to mention, this showbiz veteran is a Hollywood Walk of Famer and Television Hall of Famer. She gets credit as one of the first women who has worked in front of and behind the camera. She is also the first woman who produced a sitcom, Life with Elizabeth, which earned her the honorary designation of Mayor of Hollywood in 1955.

Kirstie Alley– 69 – $40 MILLION

Throughout her childhood, actress Kirstie Alley lived a modest life with her parents. However, around halfway through college, Alley decided to drop out and began pursuing a career of her own. While working as an interior designer, Kirstie appeared on game shows like Match Game and Password Plus. And after winning her fair share of prizes, Kirstie then used them as investment money to help her transition into the world of acting.

Her film debut was in 1982 with the classic sci-fi film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. After starring in a few other movies, the actress earned widespread acclaim portraying Rebecca Howe in the TV series Cheers – she earned an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for the role. Alley has been married twice. She has married high-school sweetheart Bob Alley in 1970, and the couple divorced in 1977. Alley married actor Parker Stevenson on December 22, 1983. The couple adopted son William in 1992 and adopted daughter Lillie in 1995. The marriage ended in 1997.


Demi Moore is a famous actress and film producer in the United States. After getting everyone’s attention in her debut movie, Choices, in 1981, Demi Moore started appearing on General Hospital and eventually became a part of the Brat Pack. It paved the way for her to do one movie after another until her big break came.In1990, the now-58-year-old starred in the iconic movie Ghost, opposite Patrick Swayze. The project turned out to be the highest-grossing film of that year that also earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Demi’s box office success didn’t just end there. Her next films, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, and Disclosure, also went out as big hits. She also became the highest-paid actress in film history, making her the affluent star that she is today. With a $200 million net worth, Demi will never need to make another money loan ever.


Jorge Garcia may have been known as a stand-up comedian, but he first got everyone’s attention when he played the role of Hector Lopez on the TV series Becker. The celebrity then rose to fame when he became a part of another TV show, Lost, as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. From here, Jorge received a slew of TV and movie credits. He played a role in the Fox TV series Alcatraz and had a minor role in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

The 47-year-old star also did the Netflix original movie, The Ridiculous 6. After his time on Hawaii Five-0, he became a cast member of Nobody Knows I’m Here and The Wrong Missy. As Jorge remains one of our favorite stars in Hollywood, he continues his acting streak with two upcoming movies in the works, Running Out of Time and When We Were Pirates.


Wesley Snipes was born in Florida and grew up in New York. He has a lot to his name. He is an actor, film producer, martial artist, and author. Of course, everyone knows him as Blade in the Blade film trilogy. Unbeknownst to many, however, the actor also created his fair share of blockbusters. Some of them are New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, Passenger 57, Demolition Man, and U.S. Marshals, among others.

Although Wesley has been away from the limelight for a while, he has made a buzzing comeback. The 58-year-old star proves he still has it when it comes to doing Hollywood movies. He is part of The Expendables 3 and has done a lot of TV and movie projects since then. On top of it, Wesley has a couple of acting credits upcoming, such as: Coming 2 America and Outbreak Z.


Priscilla Presley was formerly named Priscilla Ann Wagner. She was born in Brooklyn on May 24, 1945. Priscilla’s father passed away when she was only five years old. You may know her as the wife of Elvis Presley, but Priscilla is now making a name for herself as a businesswoman. Gone are the days when the now 75-year-old star used to act on the big and small screens. Instead, she is currently busy working behind the camera.

This female trailblazer is also into making different investments, being the chairwoman of her late husband’s Elvis Presley Enterprises. She has successfully turned Elvis’ famous mansion, Graceland, into one of the best tourist spots in the United States today. Although Priscilla is rarely seen in movies and TV shows, she has maintained her star status. You can even often find her in the headlines, though it now focuses more on her businesses instead of Hollywood life.


Camille Olivia Hanks was born in Washington D.C.She is the oldest among all four children of her family. Camille Cosby’s surname surely rings a bell. She is a famed philanthropist and producer but is widely recognized as the better half of the legendary comedian Bill Cosby. In case you don’t know, she is actually the inspiration behind the character of Clair Huxtable of her husband’s TV program, The Cosby Show.

Unlike Bill, Camille has been keeping herself away from the spotlight. However, she remains active in handling her spouse’s businesses, also playing the role of his manager. Camille also gets herself involved in academia and writing, earning a master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Now, she has a Ph.D. to add on top of that. As a notoriously private person, nothing is much known about Camille’s life today, but she is often seen continuously showing her support to Bill.


Molly Ringwald was born in California. She lived there with her chef mother and pianist father. She started acting when she was only five. After wowing audiences for her performance in a production of Annie, Molly Ringwald was noticed by a casting director. She was then cast to play her first major TV role on the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. Molly was only about 11 years old when she did the show, but she was already displaying a superb acting style.

When she did her first-ever film, Tempest, she quickly earned a Golden Globe nomination for New Star of the Year. The ’80s darling then became a member of the famed Brat Pack and even topped VH1’s 100 Greatest Teen Stars. Today, Molly continuously blesses fans with her greatness, especially in her collaborations with the filmmaker John Hughes. If only actresses can loan their talent, many aspirants will most likely want to get it from Molly.


Lisa Bonet started to make a name in the industry when she joined Bill Cosby’s The Cosby Show as Denise Huxtable. She also made her way to its spinoff series A Different World. After conquering the small screen, Lisa tried her luck on the silver screen. She then made her movie debut, Angel Heart, with Mickey Rourke. The film turned out to be controversial to some degree because of the scenes she did, but it somehow helped her career.

In 2005, He co-starred in the film the White Knight. Although she didn’t have another film role until 2014’s Road to Paloma, she did appear in several TV shows and comedies, starting with the 2008 American version of the British drama Life on Mars. However, when she got pregnant with her first child to Lenny Kravitz, Lisa had to say goodbye to her TV shows. When she returned, she started doing direct-to-video releases and made-for-TV movies. Lisa remains to be an essential part of Hollywood today.


Philip Michael Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in San Bernardino, California. Philip Michael Thomas’ shot to stardom began when he did the 1975 movie Coonskin and the 1976 film Sparkle opposite Irene Cara. However, he was famously known for his character as detective Richardo Tubbs on the hit TV series Miami Vice. From here, he started to triumph over the small screens, doing made-for-TV movies here and there.Philip also made a number of TV commercials for a telephone psychic service back then.

To add to his impressive growing portfolio, Philip also became a spokesperson for a cellphone entertainment company known as Next ones. Aside from acting, he also lent his voice to the famous character of Lance Vance in the video game series Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Later, in 2006, with the right insurance in hand, Philip decided to retire from acting and live a more peaceful life.


Halle Berry was once named Maria Halle Berry. Her name was changed at 5. Halle Berry doesn’t only captivate us with her incredible beauty but also with her excellent acting skills. Nobody can match the 54-year-old star’s acting prowess, as seen in her movies Monster’s Ball, Catwoman, Swordfish, and more. With that, it was no surprise that she was the only woman of color who won the Academy Award for Best Actress, breaking the boundaries and making history. These feats made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood during the early 2000s.

Aside from acting, Halle Berry also started working behind the camera. She has been actively involved in the production of the movies she has done. The 54-year-old star certainly made good use of her investment money by venturing as a producer. Up to date, Halle is constantly blessing us with her talent and will be next seen in the upcoming movie Moonfall.


Dave Chappelle was born in 1973 in Maryland. His parents were professors and they were politically active. He showed his comic talents at a very young age. Dave Chappelle is making a noise today, dominating the comedy shows on Netflix. After signing a $20-million-per-comedy-release deal in 2016, the famed comedian has now dropped five stand-up specials on the streaming giant. That is quite an investment, and the network is undoubtedly earning from it.

Aside from the deals, Dave also gets a number of accolades, praises, and positive reviews from fans and critics alike. He has received several awards from different award-giving bodies, like Grammys, Emmys, and even the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Esquire even named Dave the “comic genius of America,” called “the best” by Billboard, and ranked No. 9 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Stand Up Comics of All Time. With these feats, what more can he ask for?


Tina Turner was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, and her former name was Anna Mae Bullock. She was the youngest child of her family and has two older sisters. During her childhood, Bullock lived with her dad, who was an overseer of a farm. She used to pick cotton with her family. Tina Turner went through a tough year in 2018, after her son’s passing. On her Twitter account, she posted a photo releasing a rose into the water.

Instead of having a burial, she scattered her son’s ashes in the ocean. She was joined by close friends and relatives during the difficult time as she bid her eldest, Craig Raymond Turner goodbye. There was also a Broadway show of her biographical musical titled Tina, staged during autumn of 2019. Her years of being in the limelight get credit for her financial security. Now at 80, she holds a net worth of $200 million.


Chuck Norris was born Carlos Ray Norris in Ryan, Oklahoma. His father used to be a soldier who attended World War II. In 1958, he joined American Air Force. He was sent to South Korea and got the nickname “Chuck” there. He learned Tang Soo Do in South Korea and achieved black belts. Iconic actor Chuck Norris managed to have a total of more than $70 million investments at in the span of his career.

He credits his skills in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as these skills managed to earn him a rise to fame. He is also the founder of the fighting style known as Chun Kuk Do. Being able to win several championships during tournaments, Norris managed to serve in the US Air Force. After leaving, he then explored acting where he became part of The Octagon, The Delta Force 1 & 2, Martial Law, The Cutter, and The Expendables 2.

CHER – 73 – $360 MILLION

Cher, whose original name was Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born in California. Cher’s father was a truck driver that suffers from drug and drunk problems, and her mother was an occasional model. Living in a mess during childhood, Cher was lucky to have chances to play in school musicals and grew a dream to be an actress. Now, she is known as the Goddess of Pop, Cher remains ageless in both beauty and talent. Gaining a name since the 60’s the singer was already able to have a net worth of $360 million.

Aside from having multiple investments, the singer isn’t bothered by retirement as she has no plans to do so just yet. Back in the days, she even has a show called The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour which is a huge hit among fans. Thinking of career advancement, she eventually went solo and even dominated Broadway. To date, Cher is still highly active with being an actress, a singer, and a philanthropist.


Fonda’s parents gave birth to her in New York City. While being a model, she was on the cover of Vogue twice. She grew interested in acting and went to Paris to learn the art. When she returned to America, she met Lee Strasberg. Strasberg appreciated her talent in acting. Jane Fonda won her first Oscar in 1971 for Klute. She got a head start, but her popularity diminished over time.

Tough as it may seem, things took another turn, where her career was revived when she pushed her investments towards her production company, IPC. She was able to produce different movies, one of which is Fun with Dick and Jane which is an all-time classic. Things went well, but she took a pause in the 90s. She eventually returned in 2005, where she was part of J.Lo’s film, Monster-In-Law. As for the most recent, she became part of a TV series, Grace and Frankie.


John Travolta used to conquer the big screens from the late 1970s and once again in the 1990s. He made a lot of women fall in love with his incredible dance moves in the two equally iconic musical movies, Grease and Saturday Night Fever. The talented actor started to dominate the silver screen again when he did another iconic movie, Pulp Fiction, in 1994, followed by getting Shorty, Broken Arrow, Face/Off, and Swordfish, among others. Once more, John proved that he was the king of musical movies when he did Hairspray in 2007.

Although we rarely have seen John on-screen today, his star continues to shine as he did his latest acting credit in the 2020 TV series Die Hart. John Travolta’s love life, on the other hand, has been bumpy. Travolta was in a relationship with actress Diana Hyland, whom he met while filming The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976). They remained together until Hyland’s death from breast cancer on March 27, 1977.


Holly was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Michael Ann Holly; Her father, Grant Holly, is a screenwriter and professor. She has two younger brothers. Lauren Holly was only 20 years old when she started her acting career. The budding actress has first seen in a couple of Hill Street Blues episodes until she became a part of the ABC soap opera All My Children. However, it wasn’t until she did the CBS drama Picket Fences that the now-57-year-old star got her big break.

Here, she played the role of Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart for four seasons straight. This year, Lauren has been part of the Canadian Film Fest presented by Super Channel, the new TV show Tiny Pretty Things, and the upcoming comedy movie The Juggler. By the looks of it, fans will continuously see Holly on the big and small screens. Here’s a quote from Lauren Holly: ‘I never had that reputation of being not-accessible’.


Diane Keaton was born Diane Hall in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Dorothy Deanne, was a homemaker and amateur photographer; her father, John Newton Ignatius “Jack” Hall, was a real estate broker and civil engineer. Keaton has two adopted children, daughter Dexter and son Duke. Her father’s death made mortality more apparent to her, and she decided to become a mother at age 50. She’s one of Hollywood’s best assets. This actress has received numerous accolades in her career of almost six decades.

Diane Keaton began her film career in The Godfather film series as Kay Adams-Corleone. From drama to romantic comedy, Keaton proved she’s a versatile actress. That’s why she accumulated a huge net worth of $50 million over the years. She’s also a woman who can do almost anything! She has published several books and also worked in photography. To her credit, most of her works were successful. In 2017, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.


Remember Susan Dey? She was one of the stars in the ’70s show The Partridge Family. Susan attended Columbus Elementary School in Thornwood, New York, later moving to Mount Kisco, New York, where she graduated from Fox Lane High School in 1970. Dey’s first film role was as a passenger in the 1972 airline hijack movie Skyjacked, starring Charlton Heston. Then she started her career. She hosted a 1992 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Later that year, Dey co-starred in the sitcom Love & War, but she was replaced in 1993 by Annie Potts. She also portrayed deputy district attorney Grace Van Owen on the legal drama L.A. Law, for which she garnered the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 1988. In 2004, Dey retired from the acting industry. Susan Dey once said: ‘I’ve had women come up to me and say I was the reason they went to law school. ’


Brinkley was born in Monroe, Michigan on February 2, 1954, the daughter of Marjorie and Herbert Hudson. Her family moved to Los Angeles, California, where her mother Marjorie later met and married television writer Donald Brinkley. Donald adopted Christie and her brother Greg Brinkley. Earning a name as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Christie Brinkley is an addition to this list of beauties. With credit to her charm and physique, she was able to land 3 special edition covers during the 1970s.

She lived a quiet life for some time as she took a break and focused on her family life, but the lure of the spotlight was always there. She appeared on a recent cover of Sports Illustrated but with two of her daughters this time. Recently, she posted several swimsuit selfies on her Instagram page. Those jaw-dropping pictures made her stand out from the 60-year-old female celebrities. She’s widely discussed by the public, wondering what’s the secret to keep the perfect body figure.


Ross was born in Los Angeles on January 29, 1940, when her father, Dudley Ross, was in the Navy. He had also worked for the Associated Press. Her mother, Katherine Mullen, was originally from Indiana. Her family later settled in Walnut Creek, and she graduated from Las Lomas High School. Katharine Ross was at the peak of her stardom in the ’60s and ’70s. This belle is no typical actress, she’s got multiple awards to her name. This includes two Golden Globes for Best New Starring Actress and Best Supporting Actress and Saturn Awards for Best Actress.

Ross is iconic for her lead role in the horror film, The Stepford Wives. She married Sam Elliott in May 1984, four months before the birth of their only child, daughter Cleo Rose Elliott. At 80 years old, she has not announced her retirement yet. She appeared in The Hero with her husband, actor Sam Elliott. Ross’ net worth is currently $5 million. Even when she retires, she’s still miles away from bankruptcy.


Hawn was born in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Laura, a jewelry shop/dance school owner, and Edward Rutledge Hawn, a band musician who played at major events in Washington. She has one sister, entertainment publicist Patti Hawn; their brother, Edward Jr. died in infancy. Her name pretty much describes her beauty. Goldie Hawn looks fantastic even at the age of 75! It must be her positive outlook in life that keeps her glowing. Dropping out of college before earning a degree in drama, she chose to pursue a career in acting and dance.

Thanks to her bold leap of faith, she was able to reach her dreams. Before she’s known as the mom of famous actress Kate Hudson and the wife of renowned actor Kurt Russell, Hawn was one of Hollywood’s bankable stars. Bankable indeed as her current net worth is $90 million! Here’s a quote from Goldie Hawn: ’The key is to learn to respect and honor the complications of other people’s lives’ .


Jackson was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the daughter of Ruth and Hogan Jackson, a business executive. She attended The Brooke Hill School for Girls while residing in Mountain Brook. Jackson went on to enroll at the University of Mississippi as a history major. Jackson, before earning her college degree, decided to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The original Charlie’s Angels show was the bomb in the 1970s, and one of the members of the gorgeous trio is Kate Jackson who portrayed the role of Sabrina Duncan.

While it is not known to many, Kate Jackson was the one who renamed Charlie’s Angels from its original title, which was The Alley Cats. Well, we want to thank her for that! Now 71 years old, she has retired from the show business and has a net worth of $10 million. Jackson is set to publish her memoirs in late 2020.


Loni Anderson was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her father Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson, is an environmental chemist. Her mother Maxine Hazel is a model. For the late ’70s sitcom fans, Loni Anderson is quite a popular actress as she starred in WKRP in Cincinnati. Her role as Jennifer Marlowe in the show earned her three Golden Globe Awards and two nominations from Emmy.

Other film credits include Stroker Ace, A Night at the Roxbury, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and The Jayne Mansfield Story. Lucky for her, she finally found the love of her life. On May 17, 2008, Anderson married an American folk singer Bob Flick, one of the founding members of the folk band The Brothers Four. She has not retired from the industry yet. But at age 74, she continues to have a millionaire status as she has a net worth of $12 million.


Diana Ross was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 26, 1944. She was the second-eldest child of Ernestine and Fred Ross, Sr. . Ross’s elder sister is American physician Barbara Ross-Lee. We give credit to her for the wonderful songs she has contributed to the world. Diana Ross, known for being the powerful voice behind Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and I’m Coming Out, proves she’s one of the best singers out there.

Ross has been married twice. Ross and her second husband, Arne Næss Jr. have two sons together: Ross Arne and Evan Olav. Ross and Næss divorced in 2000. At 76 years old, she has accumulated a net worth of $250 million. Billboard named her the “Female Entertainer of the Century” in 1976. She may have been working for six decades already but she has no plans of retiring yet. Ross continues performing on tours and a mini-residency at a hotel located in Las Vegas.


Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia, on December 8, 1953. Her mother, Ann Lee, was a model, actress, and swimmer who appeared in several Esther Williams films. Her father, Donald Wade Basinger, was a big band musician and loan manager. Her parents have five children and she is the middle one. She has two older brothers, Skip and Mick, and two younger sisters, Barbara and Ashley. Back then, Kim Basinger had a successful modeling career and was a sex symbol in the ’80s and ’90s.

It was for her performance as a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again that she is fondly remembered. Her role as a femme fatale in L.A. Confidential earned her the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. As of today, she also hasn’t retired from the film industry. At age 66, she has a huge net worth of $40 million. She must have hired a good financial advisor to keep the numbers up after all these years!

Meryl Streep- 70 – $150 MILLION

Meryl Louise Streep was born on June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey. She is the daughter of artist Mary Wilkinson Streep and pharmaceutical executive Harry William Streep, Jr. .She has two younger brothers, Harry William Streep III and Dana David Streep, who are both actors. We think Meryl Streep has one of the most beautiful faces we’ve seen on screen. Streep, aside from being an award-winning actress, is also one of the highest-earning actresses in Hollywood.

Her recent films The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia! further put her name as a versatile actress and she has been described as “the best actress of her generation” by several publications. The eight-time Golden Globe awardee has a whopping $150 million net worth. What we love about her is she’s putting her wealth to good use. She has established scholarships, helping the less fortunate earn their college degree.


Jaclyn Smith was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Margaret Ellen and Jack Smith, a dentist. Her father was of Russian Jewish descent.She graduated from Mirabeau B. Lamar High School in 1964. She majored in psychology and drama at Trinity University (Texas) in San Antonio but completed only a year. Jacklyn Smith gained much popularity for her iconic role as Kelly Garrett, from Charlie’s Angels. The show’s run was incredibly successful and after it finished, Jaclyn went on and pursued her acting career as she worked on various projects.

She made several film and TV show appearances including on The District. It may seem like a long time, but her most recent role was Bridal Wave, which aired in 2015. Aside from acting, she has also made other business investments. She works as a clothing designer, where she was tagged as one of the first celebrities who’d wear their designs.

Dolly Parton – 74 – $600 MILLION

Dolly Parton was born January 19, 1946, in Pittman Center, Tennessee. Her father, Robert Lee Parton Sr., known as “Lee”, worked in the mountains of East Tennessee. Her mother, Avie Lee Caroline, cared for their large family. Her parents have 12 children, and Parton is the fourth of 12 children. Dolly Parton is one of Hollywood’s personalities that everybody talks about. She has become immensely popular not only in the world of country music but also in the entire show business.

She was just 13 when she performed at the Grand Ole Opry and met the actor-musician Johnny Cash. Cash was the one who encouraged her to pursue a music career. Decades later, she became a country music legend and a recipient of 47 Grammy nominations. At 74, her net worth inflated to $600 million! That’s also because of her wise investments in building an income-generating theme park called Dollywood.


Matthew Broderick receives a lot of credit due to his outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry. He was the voice of Simba in The Lion King. In case you don’t know, however, he is also the husband of Sarah Jessica Parker. In his almost 40 years in the business, Matthew has done a lot of things. He is an actor and singer who has dominated both the big screen and Broadway.

To date, the star is hailed as the youngest winner of a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play.  This is thanks to his work on the 1983 production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. The 58-year-old actor also earned the Best Actor in a Musical award for 1995 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Today, Matthew has been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the American Theater Hall of Fame.


Who would have thought that the new cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1990 would turn to be one of the most sought-after stars of today? Adam Sandler had a humble beginning. He started out small, doing TV guestings and performing in comedy clubs until he met the comedian Dennis Miller who recommended him to join SNL. From here, the rest is history. After his stint in the famous late-night show, he started doing movies.

Although his first few films weren’t a big hit, his 1995 film Billy Madison turned out to be financially successful. It was then followed by BulletproofThe Wedding SingerThe Waterboy, and the list goes on. Adam is now one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, earning more than $2 billion at the box office. Now, don’t be surprised if the producers love to put their investment money on him, knowing it will succeed.


Anne Hegerty gained recognition as a TV quiz personality. She is one of the chasers on the ITV game show, The Chase. The 62-year-old star can have the credit of being a quiz show master after appearing on several game shows like MastermindFifteen to OneToday’s the Day, and more. She was ranked 55th in the World Quizzing Championships and second among women.

In case you didn’t know, Anne is also the Brain of Bolton in 2013 for the second time. In 2018, Anne tried her luck as a contestant, this time on the ITV reality show, I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! She also tried acting and became a part of the play Cinderella in 2014. Today, Anne continuously joins different quiz shows, showing everyone her wit and talent.


To some degree, you have been in awe of Nicole Kidman’s incredible beauty. She holds one of Hollywood’s prettiest faces from the time she started in the 1980s until today. But there’s more to her than just that. The actress-producer has a lot to boast of, like her numerous accolades. She used to be one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. In fact, it is a feat she achieved three times – in 2006, 2018, and 2019.

Time also ranked Kidman one of the 100 most influential people in 2004 and 2018. Evidently, the name Nicole Kidman remains to be relevant today. She is one of Hollywood’s A-lister, who continuously dominates the small and big screen, not to mention the headlines. The actress was welcomed into the DC Extended Universe as the mother of Aquaman. Nicole is also conquering the small screens with her TV series.


Surely, you will best remember Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones in the Bridget Jones movie series. But aside from being a comedian, there is more to the 51-year-old actress. Renée is also a film producer and has received several accolades throughout her almost three-decade career. With her achievements and incredible talent, she used to be one of the world’s highest-paid actresses.

Before officially making acting her career of choice, Renée worked hard for her college degree at UT Austin. Here, she studied English Literature, although she aspired to be a journalist. In the 1990s, she started appearing on the big screen, beginning with Dazed and Confused. From one movie to another, she conquered the silver screen, while her most significant break came when she did Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001. From there, the rest is history, and Renée will continue to grace the screens.


Shirley MacLaine’s acting career in movies started when she joined Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1955 thriller movie The Trouble with Harry. From here, her life has begun to change, getting nominations left and right, and winning recognition here and there. She has made several movies to her name, which quickly cemented her place as a household name, both in old Hollywood and even up until today.

She may be 86, but nothing can stop MacLaine from doing what she loves best— acting. Her passion and excellent acting talent is her insurance to a colorful and fruitful career. MacLaine has been in the business since the 1950s and remains to be significant until today. Besides being a film, television, and theatre actress, she is also a singer, dancer, author, and activist. What else can’t MacLaine do?


Sean Hannity rose to prominence as one of the best talk show hosts. He is the man behind The Sean Hannity Show, which turned out to be a nationally syndicated talk show on radio. He also has a commentary program on Fox News.With his incredible talent and hard work, Hannity has received several accolades and honors, such as an honorary degree from Liberty University.

He is also an author who has penned three The New York Times best-selling books: Let Freedom RingDeliver Us from Evil, and Conservative Victory. Recently, he dropped his latest book, Live Free or Die. Today, Hannity is already 58 years old, but nothing is stopping a man like him from working. It seems like he’s far from retiring and will definitely continue to grace our TV screens or hit the bookshelves with his write-ups.


Popular for her projects in the adult film industry, Traci Lords does know what it takes to turn heads. Although she started with something small, she eventually gained popularity and reputation which gave her access to bigger and better productions. The actress made further investments when it comes to serious acting, which paid off for she was able to earn notable roles in projects such as Married with Children, Cry Baby, and MacGyver.

Her most recent appearances includes shows such as Melrose Place and Nash Bridges. Aside from establishing a career in acting, she is also known to be a talented singer. She made her debut in 1995 with the album 1000 Fires, which gained many positive reviews. Also, the lead single of this album, “Control”, peaked at No.2 on the Billboard dance club songs chart. Today, Traci Lords is still active in comedy series to continue pursuing her acting career.


Transitioning from one field of work to another can often be quite challenging to accomplish. However, Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely Shaye Smith, does it flawlessly. During the earlier years of her career, Smith was an actress who appeared in Huey Lewis’ music video for his song Stuck with You and also had an acting credit for the TV series General Hospital. Eventually, Smith further established her name in the industry as a journalist and environmental activist.

And with her role as the correspondent for TV shows like The Home ShowGreat Bears, and Good Morning America, Smith also took the opportunity to promote her environmental advocacies to each of these show’s viewers. She and her husband has been working on environmental problems for years and successfully promoted people’s environmental awareness. However, above all else, Keely is a happy wife and mother of two kids.


Elin Nordegren rose to prominence as the former wife of one of the greatest golfers in history, Tiger Woods. Her tumultuous marriage with the famous athlete put Nordegren in the middle of the spotlight, mostly when their relationship was about to fail. Woods admitted to infidelity after their five-years marriage. Eventually, they decided to part ways and she received a big amount of money as part of the settlement.

This made Nordegren worth $200 million today. Ten years have passed since they called it quits, Nordegren has successfully moved on. She now has a son with her new boyfriend, the former NFL player Jordan Cameron and finally completed a psychology degree, which she has been dreaming of doing when she was young. Nordegren once said that studying law and psychology helped her to deal with everything that she had gone through in life.


The Back to the Future movie series will never be complete without the greatness of Christopher Lloyd. The now-82-year-old star has blessed many of us with his incredible acting skills, from playing the role of Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown to performing as Jim Ignatowski in the comedy series Taxi. He has conquered the film, TV, and theatre productions, proving how great of an actor he is.

Despite his advancing age, Christopher is continuously doing what he loves most – acting. He continually receives TV and movie credits, and there was no year that you wouldn’t see the veteran either on the big or small screens. Currently, his IMDb page is filled with his upcoming projects – a total of eight productions to his name. By July 2020, Christopher Lloyd was starring in the adventure film Man & Witch. It’s lucky to see him still active on stage.


Another award-winning star on the list is Geena Davis. She is known for many things – an actress, advocate, executive producer, and former model. The now-64-year-old star used to be part of Zoli’s modeling agency, starting her career as a catwalker. With her incredible beauty and acting skills, she then made her movie debut in the 1982 film Tootsie. Her acting career didn’t go smooth, but she put her all efforts in it and eventually earned Golden Globe Award nomination.

However, Geena doesn’t only confine herself as a performer. She has a bachelor’s degree in drama from Boston University and a recipient of several accolades. The Hollywood sweetheart also earned the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her efforts to fight gender bias in Hollywood. With the works she has been doing, Geena is not only an idol in front of the camera but also behind it.


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so when Ben Stiller joined the entertainment industry, he ended up like a comedian like his parents. Ben is the son of the two iconic comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. It looks like comedy is in their blood, and it can evidently be seen in the 55-year-old actor. However, Ben can’t only make people laugh. He is an entertainment genius who also produces, directs, and writes films and TV shows.

Surprisingly, the funnyman directed the movie Reality Bites and wrote several mockumentaries. Also, Stiller has his own show named The Ben Stiller Show. He has received many awards including Emmy Award, MTV Movie Awards and so on. He has more than 50 movie credits to his name after more than four decades in the business. Certainly, this number will continuously grow as Ben still has a slew of projects coming in 2021.


Gena Rowlands has a colorful acting career spanning over six decades. With her excellent acting talent, she has received four Emmy awards and two Golden Globe awards. Rowlands often collaborated on projects with her late actor-director husband, John Cassavetes. They made a total of ten films, such as A Woman Under the Influence and Gloria, in which her performance eared her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Gena Rowlands was also part of the successful movie of her son, Nick Cassavetes, The Notebook. With her contributions to the industry, she received the credit of the Honorary Academy Award. Today, Rowlands is already 90. Although she has yet to announce her retirement officially, she is rarely seen on the small or big screen. She was last seen in the film adaptation of Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks in 2014.

Jada Pinkett Smith– 49 – $20 MILLION

Jada Pinkett Smith is a total performer. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, talk show host, screenwriter, producer, and businesswoman. She can basically do everything in the entertainment world, from the front to behind the scenes. The 49-year-old star started her acting career in 1990. At the time, she had a guest appearance in the TV series, A Different World.

From here, she began to do several TV and movie projects, but her breakthrough role didn’t come until she did The Nutty Professor, opposite Eddie Murphy, in 1996. This paved the way for her to be in several feature films. In 2002, she launched her music career as the singer and songwriter of the band, Wicked Wisdom. She is also into making investments, alongside her husband, Will Smith. She together with her family created a foundation to help youth in urban inner cities.


Ally Sheedy debuted on the big screen in the 1983 movie Bad Boys. From here, she started to be known as a member of the group of actors, Brat Pack, appearing in the films The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. Her excellent acting talent never went unnoticed after winning the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for the movie High Art. Her other movie credits were WarGamesShort Circuit, and Maid to Order, to name a few.

She also took the stage and led an off-Broadway production as the first female artist to play Hedwig’s role in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Sheedy was also cast as the lead actress of the independent movie Sugar Town. In addition, this versatile actress also made it on the small screen, joining USA Network’s Psych. Today, Ally Sheedy rarely appears on stage, but people never forget her.


Star Trek fans have loved Jeri Ryan from the time the science fiction franchise returned to the small screen with Star Trek: Voyager. Why? The now 52-year-old star had caught everyone’s attention when she played the former Borg drone Seven of Nine from 1995 to 2001. Ryan has successfully left a significant mark for her role and after 19 years, she once again played as a member of the Federation starship Voyager crew in the new Star Trek: Picard.

Ryan joined another original Star Trek cast Patrick Stewart, who also reprised his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard. In between these two big projects, Ryan has made a lot of movie and TV credits, which help her amassed $30 million net worth. Today, Ryan is still active in many TV series. She was cast in Three TV series in 2020.


Angela Bassett has made a name in the industry as an actress who often portrays real-life prominent African-American women. She always plays the role of smart and strong ladies who have significant roles in the society, like Tina Turner in the biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It, Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X and Panther, and Katherine Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream, among others.Her other prominent movie credits are Boyz n the HoodWaiting to Exhale, and more. She is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bassett has been making earnest efforts to promote public good for years. She is an active Ambassador of UNICEF as well as a supporter for Royal Theater Boys & Girls Club. Today, Angela is 62 years old, but she continuously blesses us with her extraordinary talent and incredible beauty. There is no way that she will retire from acting this early with her several acting projects coming.


Drew Barrymore doesn’t only confine herself as an actress. She is also a producer, director, author, talk show host, and entrepreneur. With these incredible talents, what else Drew cannot do? At an early age, she rose to prominence when she did the iconic sci-fi movie, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. She is also a recipient of numerous accolades, from Golden Globe to Screen Actors Guild to BAFTA awards.

In case you don’t know, her incredible acting talent stems from being a member of the Barrymore family of actors. She is the granddaughter of John Barrymore. Some of her most notable acting credits are Poison IvyBoys on the SideMad LoveScream, and Ever After. She is also known as a frequent collaborator of Adam Sandler, doing three movies together. In 2020, Barrymore premiered her own talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.


Who doesn’t know Jennifer Aniston? Since she joined the iconic sitcom Friends, she has been a household name, playing her most recognizable role of Rachel Green. This sealed her position in Hollywood, aside from the fact that she’s the daughter of the actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. But before she did the long-running TV series, her first major role came in the 1993 horror-comedy movie, Leprechaun.

Today, Aniston is 51 and one of Hollywood’s A-list stars. She has been one of the highest-paid actresses in the business. Her name can often be found in the list of the most beautiful women in the world as the degree of her beauty never changes. Aside from being an actress, Aniston is also a producer and businesswoman. Aniston has made her return in 2019. She produced and starred in the Apple TV+ drama and was nominated a Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards for her outstanding performance.

Jack Nicholson – 83 – $400 MILLION

One of the richest actors in Hollywood is Jack Nicholson. His first acting job was on The Cry Baby Killer in 1958. Aside from acting, he also wrote and directed. Having a total of twelve nominations in the Academy Awards, he takes credit for holding the title of most nominations for a male. Jack Nicholson, an American actor and filmmaker, was born on April 22, 1937 in New Jersey. He has received twelve Academy Award nominations.

Not only that, but he has also won the Academy Awards for Best Actor twice for his roles on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as well as As Good as it Gets and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor once for his performaces in Terms of Endearment. His net worth, in turn, is no surprise. He has $400 million in his bank account from his successful career. With his salaries, he could probably buy anything he wants!

Bobbie Gentry– 77- $100 MILLION

Bobbie Gentry was born on July 27, 1942 in Mississippi. At the age of 77, Bobbie Gentry is one of the women who managed to make an impact in the film industry. She became a huge hit in 1967 when she released one of her hits titled, Ode to Billie Joe. The song made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart the month it was released.

Aside from which, Fancy is also one of her most popular, as she managed earn a Grammy Award nomination for which. She has earned Grammy awards three times and received many nominations. Bobbie Gentry has been married three times and had a son with her ex-huaband, Jim Stafford.  With several investments, she is not enjoying retirement. Gentry released a compilation album, The Girl from Chickasaw County: The Complete Capitol Masters in 2018.

Brigitte Bardot – 85 – $65 MILLION

Brigitte Bardot, French former actress and singer, was born on 28 September 1934 in Paris. Bardot is known as one of Sophia Loren’s biggest rival. Stunning as she is, Bardot was a major head turner with a light, airy vibe in her aura. Bardot and Lauren are of the same era. Her initial dream was to become a ballerina, but she eventually began to explore acting instead.  Her decision to do so was a winner. The actress was able to star in more than 40 films.

With several continuous projects, her net worth significantly increased to $65 million. She may have shied away from the spotlight, but her money management skills allowed her to have a steady cashflow. Bardot has been married four times, but only have one child, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier. He is the son of Bardot and her second husband, Jacques Charrier.

Victoria Principal –70 – $250 MILLION

Victoria Principal, American actress, producer and entrepreneur, was born on January 3, 1950 in Japan. She has earned two times Golden Globe Award nominations and many other awards. As a cast member on The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Victoria Principal might be someone familiar to most audiences. She also played the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing, Dallas, one of the most long-lasting soaps on TV. Though she enjoyed acting, Victoria would later shift her focus towards other things.

The last film that she appeared in was Titans, which was released in 2001. After retiring from showbiz, she decided to be more active when it comes to philanthropic efforts. With the income that she was able to gather in the past, money management is definitely something she’s good at. Principal has been married twice, and has no children.

Johnny Galecki– 45 – $100 MILLION

Johnny Galecki, American actor, was born on April 30, 1975 in Bree, Belgium. The cast of The Big Bang Theory will never be complete without Johnny Galecki. He has received one time Golden Globe Award nomination. The 45-year-old star is one of the original cast members of the iconic TV series that made him one of the world’s highest-paid TV actors. He was paid a whopping $900,000 per episode between 2017 and 2019. That would be huge investment money if Galecki managed to save it.

Aside from TBBT, Galecki was also part of Roseanne’s original cast and made an appearance in the movies National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Prancer, Suicide Kings, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Bookies, In Time, and Rings. Today, he is occasionally seen on The Conners, which replaced Roseanne, as David. He now has a son with his partner of two years, Alaina Meyer.

Arlene Dahl – 95 – $6 MILLION

Arlene Dahl, retired American actress, was born on August 11, 1925 in Minnesota. Arlene Dahl is one of the last surviving stars from the Classic Hollywood era. She is now 95 years old and has been retired from acting for more than two decades. The legendary actress was last seen in the 1991 movie Night of the Warrior, co-starring with her son, Lorenzo Lamas.Dahl was a former contract star of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. She rose to prominence during the 1950s, making movies here and there.

Now that she’s retired, she may have the right insurance that she needs. But long before she left the entertainment world, she entered the world of astrology. In the 1980s, Dahl wrote a syndicated column and operated a premium phone line company. With her dedication in this field, she had written over 24 books about beauty and astrology. She has been married six times and had three children, two sons and one daugther.

Ethan Hawke – 49 – $55 MILLION


Ethan Hawke, American actor, writer, and director, was born in 1970 in Austin, Texas. You will probably best remember Ethan Hawke as one of the cast members of Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams in 1989. After his breakthrough film, he appeared in several other movies, including Reality Bites, which earned him critical acclaim. He also did the Before trilogy, where he received praise for his incredible acting talent.

With these feats, it is no surprise that Ethan has received several acting awards and credits. Other than working an actor, he is also a writer, who has written three novels and one graphic novel. He is also a director who helms three feature films, three off-Broadway plays, and a documentary. For the two Before movies, he contributed to the writing process of Before Sunset and Before Midnight that earned him Academy Award nominations.

Pat Sajak– 73 – $70 MILLION

The game show, talk show, and radio host Pat Sajak came from Chicago and attended Farragut High School. He was born on October 26, 1946. His father die when Sajak was young. He then took up a college degree in Columbia College Chicago. While studying, Pat took an interest in getting a job in WEDC, a local radio station where he did the 6 a.m. show.

He enlisted for the U.S. Army in 1968, and even there, he was the DJ of Armed Forces Radio. Late in the 70s, he pursued the entertainment world and moved to LA, where his career unfolded even more. Currently one of the most celebrated and well-known personalities in the business, Pat’s talents certainly didn’t go to waste. Sajak is married to Lesly Brown-Sajak, and the couple have a son(born September 22, 1990) and a daugther(born January 5, 1995).

Ann-Margret – 79 – $20 MILLION

Ann-Margret, Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer, was born on April 28, 1941 in Sweden. She has won five Golden Globe Awards, and she has received two Academy Awards,  two Grammy Awards, and six Emmy Awards nominations. Swedish-American performer Ann-Margret moved to America when she was five years old. She quickly took an interest in dancing and showed a lot of potential when she started attending classes.

In her early years, she danced with The Suttletones. George Burns discovered her in one of her performances, and he signed her to a contract with RCA. After this, her career jump-started. She appeared in Bye Bye Birdie, Newsies, Touched by an Angel, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and so much more. She got credit from winning the Golden Globes five times and the Emmys once. She was also nominated twice for the Oscars.

Geena Davis – 64 – $30 MILLION

Another award-winning star on the list is Geena Davis. Geena Davis was born on January 21, 1956 in Massachusetts. She is known for many things – an actress, advocate, executive producer, and former model. Geena has won two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe Award, and she also has several nominations. The now-64-year-old star used to be part of Zoli’s modeling agency, starting her career as a catwalker.

With her incredible beauty and acting skills, she then made her movie debut in the 1982 film Tootsie. However, Geena doesn’t only confine herself as a performer. She has a bachelor’s degree in drama from Boston University and a recipient of several accolades. The Hollywood sweetheart also earned the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her efforts to fight gender bias in Hollywood. With the works she has been doing, Geena is not only an idol in front of the camera but also behind it.

Lauren Hutton- 76 – $10 MILLION

Lauren Hutton, American model and actress, was born on November 17, 1943 in Charleston. After World War II, Hutton’s mother divorced her father in 1945, and 11 years later, her father died from a heart attack. Lauren Hutton rose to prominence in the modeling world and helped when it comes to redefining beauty standards with her signature gap in her teeth. She became the face of Revlon Cosmetics from the ’70s to the early ’90s.

She then ventured into acting and has had a moderately successful career in show business. She appeared in American Gigolo, The Gambler, and Nip/Tuck. Despite being in her 70s, she has continued to model for brands like H&M, Alexander Wang, and Bottega Veneta. With her current net worth of $10 million, one of her investments includes a prefabricated steel home in Taos, New Mexico.

Carly Simon- 74 – $65 MILLION

Carly Simon, American singer-songwriter, musician, and children’s author, was born on June 25, 1945 in New York City. She has won two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award. Not only that, but she has received several nominations. The pop-rock singer-songwriter Carly Simon came to the limelight in the ’70s with a string of hit records such as Nobody Does It Better and You Belong To Me.

In addition to her portfolio, she won 2 Grammy Awards and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Music Degree by Berklee College of Music. She’s now 74 years old but she has not announced her retirement yet. In recent years, she focused on publishing her books and now has a $65 million net worth. Young artists today like Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen consider Simon as their influence in music.

Cybill Shepherd- 70 – $40 MILLION

Cybill Shepherd, American actress and former model, was born on February 18, 1950 in Memphis. She is the recipient of several accolades, including three Golden Globe Awards, several Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award nominations. Before Cybill Shepherd became an actress, she was crowned Miss Teenage Memphis. At age 18, she won the Model of the Year contest which gave her the opportunity to become a fashion star in the ’60s.

Fast forward, she became an actress and worked with big-time Hollywood personalities like Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich, and Woody Allen. She also had her own sitcom called Cybill in the 1990s. Now age 70, she is set to appear on the 2020 film Love Is Love Is Love. Having a net worth of $40 million, one of her investments includes a 9000 square-foot home in Encino, California.

Crystal Gayle- 69 – $10 MILLION

Crystal Gayle, American country music singer and songwriter, was born on January 9, 1951 in  Paintsville. During her career, she has won one Grammy Award and five Academy of Country Music awards. In addition, she has won two Country Music Association awards, three American Music Awards and many other nominations. Crystal Gayle has led a successful singing career since the ’70s. Gale grew up in a very poor family and had hopes of becoming a musician.

Her most successful hit song was Don´t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue which topped the U.S. charts. Her current net worth is $10 million and even at 69 years old, she hasn’t quit the music industry. She gives credit to her sister and fellow singer Loretta Lynn for inspiring her in the music scene. Gayle was included Taste of Country’s list of “Country Music’s Most Powerful Women” in 2017.

Marianne Faithfull– 72 – $15 MILLION

Marianne Faithfull, English singer, songwriter, and actress, was born on 29 December 1946 in London. She is the recipient of several accolades, including European Film Award nomination, World Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement. Earning popularity in the 60’s, Marianne Faithfull made a huge hit with her song, As Tears Go By. At the height of her career, she was able to release around thirty studio albums. With several investments, she earned her net worth of $15 million.

She’s known as one of the main artists who managed to lead the British Invasion in the musical era. Aside from being an iconic musician herself, her relationship with the Rolling Stones member, Mick Jagger, also became publicized. As of the recent years, Faithfull was able to release an album titled Negative Capability, which was released in 2018. Faithfull has been married three times and only have one child.

Barbi Benton- 70 – $20 MILLION

Barbi Benton, American retired model, actress, songwriter, television personality and singer, was born on January 28, 1950 in New York City. You might not remember her, but people from the ’70s do. Barbi Benton brought electricity due to her Playboy magazine covers. She was in a relationship with Hugh Hefner and gets credit for convincing the mogul into buying the Holmby Hills Playboy mansion in the ’70s.

Aside from her Playboy career, she also appeared in the variety show Hee Haw but retired early in the ’80s to focus on raising her family. She married real estate developer George Gradow and they have two kids together. The couple have two children, Alexander (born August 23, 1986) and Ariana (born July 13, 1988). Her $20 million net worth is partly due to her work as an interior decorator.

Olivia de Havilland – 103 – $20 MILLION

Olivia de Havilland, British-American actress, was born on July 1, 1916. She is the recipient of several accolades, including two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Apart from these awards, she also had many nominations. Olivia de Havilland is one of the most popular names in the industry during her time. She managed to have a net worth of $20 million, post retirement.

She started acting as early as the 1930’s and starred in different movies such as The Snake Pit, Gone with the Wind, and To Each His Own. Though her career was doing just fine, she eventually decided to step away from the spotlight after filming The Woman He Loved. Taking credit for her superb acting, she managed to earn various accolades including two Academy Awards.  She is now living a quiet life with her family.

Sigourney Weaver- 70 – $50 MILLION

Sigourney Weaver, American actress, was born on October 8, 1949 in New York City. She is the only daughter of English actress Elizabeth Inglis and Sylvester “Pat” Weaver. During her career, she has won two Golden Globe Awards(seven times nominations), and one BAFTA Awards. Apart from this, she also had three Academy Award nominations. Before she landed acting jobs, Sigourney Weaver earned her Master’s Degree at Yale University’s School of Drama.

She is most famous for her role in the science fiction series Alien, and later got recognized as a pioneer of action heroines in sci-fi films. Now at age 70, she continues to work on films. Her net worth of $50 million will surely increase since she has more upcoming projects including the sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar. But did you know that her first film appearance was playing a non-speaking role in Woody Allen’s comedy Annie Hall? Look where she has gotten now!

Carol Kane- 67 – $5 MILLION

Carol Kane, American actress and comedian, was born on June 18, 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents divorced when she was young. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress at the 48th Academy Awards. With her signature curly blonde locks, she might pass as Goldilocks. But Carol Kane is best known as a comedian, having appeared in the sitcom Taxi and romcom films Annie Hall.

Apart from the film industry, she also worked in Broadway and is widely acclaimed for her portrayal of the evil headmistress Madame Morrible in Wicked, whom she played from 2005 to 2014 in its various productions. Her net worth of $5 million is the fruit of her investments of hard work and passion for the performing arts. She may be 67 now but she isn’t tired and retired from her work.

Marilu Henner- 68 – $12 MILLION

Marilu Henner, American actress, producer, radio host, podcaster, and author, was born on April 6, 1952 in Chicago. During her career, she received five Golden Globe Award nominations. Marilu Henner began dancing before she could talk and by age 14, she began choreographing shows at her family’s dance studio. She originated the role of Marty in the musical Grease but it was her role in Taxi that gave her stardom, after receiving five Golden Globe award nominations.

Henner has a net worth of $12 million and at 68, she hasn’t retired yet. She has 9 books to her credit with the most recent, Total Memory Makeover, published in 2012. Henner has been married three times, and she has two sons with her second husband Lieberman. Here’s a trivia: Henner has hyperthymesia, a condition that gives her the ability to remember vivid details of everyday life.

Ellen Burstyn- 87 – $20 MILLION

Included in our list of golden aged celebs is Ellen Burstyn, who has accumulated a fortune of $20 million in her entire Hollywood career of seven decades. She’s never going to experience bankruptcy with that huge amount of savings! Ellen Burstyn, American actress, was born on December 7, 1932 in Detroit. She is the recipient of several accolades, including one Academy Award, one Golden Globe Award and one BAFTA Award. Apart from these awards, her also had many nominations.

The cult classic The Exorcist in 1973, for which Burstyn portrayed the lead role, remains to be one of the greatest horror films of all time. But you know what’s also amazing? At the age of 87, she still continues acting and is set to appear in upcoming films entitled Welcome to Pine Grove! and Pieces of a Woman. What a legend!

Lorraine Gary- 82 — $10 MILLION

Lorraine Gary, retired American actress, was born on August 16, 1937 in Forest Hills, Queens. When she was young, her family moved to Los Angeles. The Jaws film series is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated movies. That was also American actress Lorraine Gary’s platform as she portrayed the role of Ellen Brody in the films. Gary only has a few films to her credit as she retired in 1987.

You might wonder how she has $10 million net worth to her name. Well, she actually has a company that produced television programs called New Hope Productions. She’s now 82 years old, a mom of two kids, Jonathan J. and William David ,who are both film producers, and a wife to entertainment industry executive Sidney Sheinberg until he passed away in 2019. The couple married on August 19, 1956 when Lorraine Gary was 19.

Karen Lynn Gorney- 75 – EST. $1 MILLION

Karen Lynn Gorney, American actress, was born on January 28, 1945 in Beverly Hills, California. The 1977 dance drama film Saturday Night Fever was one of the decade’s most successful films. As the Library of Congress described it, the film is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Through the film, actress Karen Lynn Gorney made a name for herself.

However, she took a hiatus from show business years after and she became manager for an art gallery. She went back on TV in the 1990s to only appear occasionally.Her works in films have helped her collect her fortune of $1 million. We think she’s good at money management even at her age of 75 years old. Along with her film works, Gorney is also a singer and has released three albums: Used to Love You Madly, Hot Moonlight!, and The Dance of the Deadly’s.

Beverly Johnson – 67 – $5 MILLION

Beverly Johnson, American model, actress, singer, and businesswoman, was born on October 13, 1952 in New York. Before she became a model, studied to become a lawyer at Northeastern University. She set the record as the first African-American magazine cover model after appearing on Vogue’s August 1974 issue. Aside from becoming a prominent figure in the modeling industry, Johnson also ventured into acting and appeared in Law & Order and Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns.

She also starred in her own reality series entitled Beverly’s Full House that was shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She may be 67 but boy, she looks 10 years younger, right? And oh, she has a $5 million net worth. She has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Billy Potter in 1971, and the second was to Danny Sims, who is father of Anansa Sims.

Mia Farrow– 75  – $60 MILLION

Another veteran award-winning actress on the list is Mia Farrow. Mia Farrow, American actress and former fashion model, was born on February 9, 1945. At 75, she still has this incredible beauty that proves she was once a fashion model who conquered every magazine cover. Farrow is now a renowned actress, who has appeared in over 50 films and won several awards, which include a Golden Globe Award and three BAFTA Award nominations.

She is also known for her kindness, working as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In 2018, she got the honor of being named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. One of the most notable roles she made was as a mother of a Manhattan attorney in the 2007 movie The Ex. She also gave voice to the animated film Arthur and the Invisibles. Her latest work was the 2016 documentary, Documentary Now!

Faye Dunaway- 79 – $40 MILLION

Faye Dunaway, American actress, was born on January 14, 1941 in Bascom, Florida. She is the recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA Award, an Emmy Award. Apart from this, she also had almost 18 nominations. Bonnie and Clyde was filmed in the late ’60s, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. The film was a blockbuster and actress Faye Dunaway received her first Academy Award nomination.

But did you know there were famous actresses like Jane Fonda and Ann-Margret who were first considered for the role? It was like destiny for Dunaway to win the part as it established her name in the industry. She only had a few weeks to prepare for the role and with credit to her determination, she did an amazing job. Now, she has a massive net worth of $40 million at the age of 79.

Sissy Spacek- 70 – $15 MILLION

Sissy Spacek, American actress and singer, was born on December 25, 1949 in Quitman. During her career, she has won an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Besides, she still had many nominations, including four BAFTA Awards, three Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award. Sissy Spacek began her career as a singer and released the song John, You Went Too Far This Time.

However, sales of her music plummeted and she was kicked out from her record label. Turns out, she was directed into a better path. With credit to her perseverance, she found success as an actress. Before there was the 2013 film Carrie, there was the original 1976 film who was portrayed by her. It was then her most notable film. She’s now 70 years old and continues to appear on TV. Her net worth of $15 million might increase as long as she hasn’t retired.

Jane Seymour- 69 – $90 MILLION


Nope, she’s not the queen of England or the wife of King Henry VIII. We’re talking about the British-American actress of the ’70s and ’80s with the same name. Jane Seymour, British-American actress, was born on 15 February 1951 in Uxbridge. She is the recipient of many accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, an Emmy Award and a Saturn Award. Jane Seymour is best known for her role as Solitaire in the James Bond film Live and Let Die.

She may be 69 years old now, but look at that glowing face! She’s really beautiful inside and out and we’re also referring to her heart of gold. Seymour has been helping victims of child abuse to the degree that she puts her net worth of $90 million to a charitable purpose. Seymour has been married four times. She has two children with her third husband and a twin with her fourth husband.

Linda Vaughn- 76 – $750,000

Linda Vaughn, American motor racing personality, was born on August 11, 1943 in. In the 1960s and 1970s, motor racing was a cool sport. Well, we guess it is until now. But during that time, there was this gorgeous lady with vital statistics of 39-23-39 inches (incredible, right?) who became “The First Lady of Motorsports”. Linda Vaughn was formerly married to drag racer Billy Tidwell.

She became popular for her striking beauty that brought electricity to the field and she was hailed “Miss Queen of Speed”. She has acquired many other titles since then, including  Miss Hurst Golden Shifter . She married Billy Tidwell in 1972, and the couple ended in divorce in 1986. Now 76 years old, Vaughn may no longer appear on the screen, but she has amassed $750,000 net worth and was recently inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

Debbie Harry – 74 – $20 MILLION

Debbie Harry, American singer, songwriter and actress, was born on July 1, 1945 in Miami.     Before Debbie Harry rose to stardom with her new wave band Blondie, she worked various odd jobs as a cocktail waitress, a secretary, and even a Playboy bunny. It was through her relationship with Chris Stein that they got the band started, and they split in 1989. Harry is godmother to Stein’s two daughters.

With her beauty and daring clothing that brought electricity on stage, she rapidly became a punk icon.After the band split in 1984, she went on to pursue a solo career and entered show business, receiving film credit for Union City and Hairspray. Having no kids and partner in life, Harry lives part of the year in New Jersey,together with her four dogs. She has her net worth of $20 million all to herself.

Paula Prentiss – 82 – Undisclosed Net Worth


Paula Prentiss, American actress, was born on March 4, 1938 in San Antonio. She is the daughter of Paulene and Thomas J. Ragusa. The Stepford Wives is probably one of Hollywood’s most controversial films and in fact, the term “Stepford wife” has been adapted into pop culture, pertaining to an extremely subservient wife. Playing the second lead role in the film is actress Paula Prentiss.

While attending college, Prentiss was discovered by a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer agent who offered her a film contract. Then, the rest is history. Prentiss has been married to actor-director Richard Benjamin since 1961. The couple have two children, Ross and Prentiss. Now 82 years old, she still hasn’t planned on retiring soon. Some of her recent appearances are on the lawyer-crime drama Burke’s Law and the gothic horror film, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.

Linda Gray – 79 – $12 MILLION

Linda Gray, American film, stage and television actress, director, producer and former model, was born on September 12, 1940 in Santa Monica. She is the recipient of many accolades, including a Bambi Award, a TV Land Award, and a USA Film Festival Award . She also has several nominations for two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award. Linda Gray was a big name in the modeling industry in the ’60s to a degree that her fame brought her to Hollywood.

For her work in television, she is best known as Sue Ellen Ewing in the 1970s soap opera, Dallas. She’s almost 80 years old now but she hasn’t announced her retirement yet. In fact, she appeared in the 2019 comedy Grand-Daddy Day Care. It goes to show why her net worth is on the million-dollar mark after many years of work in the entertainment scene. Gray is a divorcee since 1983 and she chooses to remain unmarried until now.

Pam Grier – 71 – $10 MILLION

Pam Grier, American actress, was born on May 26, 1949 in Winston-Salem. She is the recipient of many accolades, including 20/20 Award for Best Actress. Besides, she also has many nominations for NAACP Image Awards. If there’s one actress known for portraying bad women in blaxploitation films in the ’70s, then we give the credit to Pam Grier. These films include Foxy Brown and Coffy.

Grier, though she hasn’t retired from the show business, left a legacy in Hollywood as the cinema’s first female action star. And it was the renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino who labeled her that. Now in her 70s, Grier had been through rough patches in her life. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1988 and is currently on treatment. She still appears on screen occasionally and we hope she recuperates soon. Grier has never married.

Joan Collins – 86 – $30 MILLION

Joan Collins, English actress, author, and columnist, was born on 23 May 1933 in London.  Amazingly beautiful at 86, Joan Collins does not seem to age. Her prolific career helped her earn more than $30 million in net worth. Though some may have already retired at her age, Collins remains semi-active. There seems to be no signs of her slowing down just yet.

She went through a tough ride during her sister’s passing, who battled breast cancer for six years. In terms of Joan finding out, she only knew it 2 weeks before her sisters last day. As for her health, insurance may come in handy in terms of emergency cases, but she seems fine and active these days. Collins has been married five times, and has three children, two children with her second hansband and one daughter with her third huaband.

Honey Boo Boo– 15 – $500,000

Alana Thompson, Amercian actress, was born on August 28, 2005 in McIntyre, Georgia. Before she rose to fame as a TV star, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s first shot at the entertainment industry was with the reality show Toddlers & Tiaras. Thanks to her attention-catching personality, Thompson eventually had the chance to star in her own Here Comes Honey Boo Boo TV show.

Throughout the show’s two-year run, Thompson, her parents, and siblings gained quite a fan base – her mother now has an ongoing TV program called Mama June: From Not to Hot. However, showbiz isn’t the only thing she wants to have under her skill set. Besides promoting health products and subscription services through her Instagram, the now-15-year-old Alana Thompson has also shown a high degree of interest in pursuing work either as a nurse or a hairstylist.

Dawn Wells – 81 –Undisclosed Net Worth

Dawn Wells, American actress, was born October 18, 1938 in Reno. Appearing on Gilligan’s Island boosted Dawn Wells’ popularity. The series ran from 1964 to 1967, but years after the series ended, a sequel was produced. In 1978, Rescue from Gilligan’s Island was aired and a year after, The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island was released. Having different project helped her increased her net worth, and credit loans are no longer considered as a need.

Though some thought she already shied away from acting, she still managed to work on a book project, What Would Mary Ann Do? A Guide to Life in 2014. By 2016, Wells was tagged as the Marketing Ambassador for MeTV network. Wells married Larry Rosen, who was a talent agent, in 1962. The pair had no children and ended in divorce in 1967.

Teri Garr– 75 – $4 MILLION

Teri Garr, retired American actress, comedian, dancer and singer, was born on December 11, 1944 in Lakewood. She is the recipient of several accolades, including nominations for Academy Award , CableACE Awards and Saturn Awards. Talent runs in the blood. This is true for Teri Garr, as she grew up in a family of performers. A dancer and actress herself, she joined West Side Story as her first tour.

It made her pursue a career in television and film and now, she has over 140 acting credits including her best-known film Tootsie. She has been called a “comedic legend.”The award-winning actress has a career that spanned four decades and has a current net worth of $4 million. Unfortunately, she has formally retired in 2011. It was mainly due to her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that made her quit show business.

Charlene Tilton– 61 – $2 MILLION

Charlene Tilton, American actress and singer, was born on December 1, 1958 in San Diego.The ’70s era saw the rise of TV sitcoms and soap operas, such as Dallas, which aired from 1978 to 1991. Actress Charlene Tilton was one of the stars and portrayed the character, Lucy Ewing. Aside from the drama, she also appeared on the original Freaky Friday. Yup, Lindsay Lohan’s and Jamie Lee Curtis’ version is a remake.

Tilton may be in her 60s now, but she has not retired from the film industry yet. In fact, she reprised her role in the revival series of Dallas. With credit to her dedication to her craft, she maintains a net worth of $2 million. Tilton was married to Johnny Lee in 1982, and the couple divorced two years later. She has one daughter, Cherish Lee(born 1982), and two grandsons.

Maureen McCormick – 63 – $4 MILLION

Maureen McCormick, American actress, singer and author, was born on August 5, 1956 in Los Angeles. During her career, she has won a TV Land Award and nominations for three TV Land Awards. Maureen McCormick has experienced both the rise and fall in Hollywood. She was a former child model who worked for Mattel Toys and her work in commercials paved the way for her appearances on several TV shows.

However, McCormick is most remarkable for her role as Marcia Brady on the hit sitcom The Brady Bunch and its spin-off series. Sadly, her fame had cost her personal struggles including bouts of depression, among others. That’s when her career began to evaporate. Thankfully, she was able to get back up to the degree that her published autobiography became a New York Times bestseller. She was married to Michael Cummings in 1985 and has one children.


Her name alone is familiar to many. After all, she is one of music’s greats—managing to make a name for herself, outside of her father’s legacy. With a net worth of more than $50 million, Nancy Sinatra is quite excellent with money management. Some of her fortune came from the inheritance she received from her father, the legendary Frank Sinatra. Following her father towards the limelight, she worked on many notable projects such as Marriage on the Rocks, The Wild Angels, Speedway and Get Yourself a College Girl.

In terms of her personal life, she was able to marry twice with two kids. Aside from the good looks and the singing talent, Frank left more for her daughter than most fathers did; but then again, he is no ordinary father. He is Frank Sinatra, and judging by how Nancy grew up— all positive, strong, responsible, and noble—we should give more credit to the legendary Frank for everything that he taught and showed his daughter.


He is best known for his role in several movies including Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport. He is one of those rare actors who does their own stunts when doing action packed scenes. Aside from being an actor, Yeung was also a former bodybuilder and a martial arts practitioner since he was young. Most action stars give credit to martial arts as one of the crucial elements of their success in the industry. They say studying martial arts is usually the starting point for their career, teaching them most of the action moves and natural gestures.

Some would even say that they took lessons because their aspirations of becoming action stars are already developed inside of them; it just needs the boost and motivation. Working on several projects in the past, he was able to earn a net worth of $1.5 million. With this much money in the bank, credit scores are never an issue for the actor. He was part of the 2015 film The Whole World at Our Feet.


Remaining gorgeous at a golden age, Eileen Atkins is one of the most iconic figures of her generation. The only difference is that most actresses who became popular in their time stay there; there are only a few who become legends. For Atkins, however, she continues to make a name for herself even today. The talented actress also went through health challenges as she suffered from breast cancer. Eileen was diagnosed in 1995. Years after her initial diagnosis, she is now clear from the disease. She doesn’t just have the looks and talent, but she also has the strength and determination as well.

Indeed, she has the whole package and is the real definition of beauty. She valiantly invested her time to help herself recover. It remains unclear, however, how much she has gone through as she is a very private person, but we can only imagine how much strength she had to pour out from herself to survive those dark times. Moving forward to this date, Atkins is still acting even in her 80’s. Being highly active that she is, there seems to be no signs of slowing down anytime soon or a downfall with her net worth.


Known for her award-winning performances in Tommy, Carnal Knowledge, and Who Will Love My Children? Ann Margret, who is now in her late 70s managed to save up a total of $25 million post-retirement. She’s been with Hollywood since the ‘60s and managed to play different roles throughout her career.  She may not be well known to the younger generation, but she’s referred to as the female version of no other than, Elvin Presley.

In the span of her career, she was able to release more than 10 albums. With excellent skills in financial planning, she managed to have a more relaxed retirement. What most young people might not know is that this redhead beauty was once involved with the “King of Rock and Roll”. Rumors from the past said the two were not only lovers on screen but were in love in real life.

PHYLICIA RASHAD –$55 million

As an American actress, she first gained fame for her work in the television series The Cosby Show (1984–92) and later became the first African American woman to win (2004) a Tony Award for best actress.Although she now appears different from her young, gorgeous looking days, her smile and eye are still portraying her timeless beauty, despite the visible grey hair and wrinkles. Her perfect bronze skin is also envied by many people.

Since tanned skin is still highly in demand these days, tanning salons have been perfecting their strategies and services; but still, even the most expensive ones cannot measure up to or even equal to Rashad’s natural skin. Rashad also obtained her degree from Howard University, graduating as magna cum laude. She is considered one of the entertainment world’s most extraordinary performing artists. The woman who was hailed as “The Mother Of The Black Community” has an impressive net worth.


Soap opera star Catherine Bach has had a humble beginning. While studying at UCLA to earn her degree in drama, she made clothes for friends to supplement her income. Her acting career began in the 1970s and landed the role of Daisy Duke in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, which became her most iconic role. Bach last appeared on screen in 2016 but hasn’t announced her retirement. She’s now in her mid-60s and has accumulated a $10 million net worth in her years in the show business.

Also, in February 2020, she sold her home in Encino, California for $5.4 million. She is widely regarded as one of the most attractive actresses during her prime. More than a cultural icon, she was also a sex symbol. She inspired many people of all ages. It was even normal for men to have posters of her hung up on their bedroom walls. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that she has earned an impressive net worth, all of which can be credited to her undying beauty, stability, and overall wellness in life.


If we are to name our favorite Hollywood actress, it would be Julie Andrews. Why? Well, she’s got important roles in films that shaped our childhood! Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music are some of the films we loved watching while growing up. These two films also happen to be two of the most successful musical films of all time. Unfortunately, she lost her singing voice due to medical negligence while undergoing surgery in 1997. She must have gone through a massive heartache considering that her voice is one of the factors that brought her fame and fortune. She still gets to appear in other blockbusters like Princess Diaries and Tooth Fairy. The award-winning singer-actress now has a $45 million net worth.

Thanks to her investments of dedication and services to the field, she was appointed a Dame in 2000. Andrews was not ashamed of her other films which didn’t turn out as successful as the two. She said those movies are so dear to her heart since they are a part of her forever. Besides, the underrated movies are what defines a celebrity’s strength throughout one’s career. It all comes down to “to pursue or to not pursue”. Andrews will remain a legend and will also be the classiest lady that this world will ever get the privilege to know. Her role as Maria Von Trapp is dubbed to be the hardest character to ever be remade.


The Mandrell sisters came from a musical family. At a young age, Barbara, the eldest among them, played several musical instruments and got discovered in the country music scene. Years later, she and her sisters Irlene and Louise hosted their variety show Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, which was highly rated at the time. The Mandrell sisters were not only adept at music; they too had numerous gigs in acting and a few TV appearances. Now, in their senior age, their combined net worth is $50 million.

As far as we know, Barbara has business investments turning her former mansion into a tourist attraction. Most people would say that music comes from the home and that it is only a matter of time when one of the children from the household becomes a lover of music. In this case, the three sisters surely developed their love for music as they grew up surrounded by various music genres. We should give credit to the Mandrell sister for expressing their love and passion for music, while at the same time inspiring us on how tight their bond is.


We’ve met Hollywood actresses and singers so far on this list, but Jungle Pam Hardy was quite different from the rest. While others are doing very well as movie stars, she was burning rubber and was one of the biggest names in racing. Hardy became popular in the ’70s and was associated with Jungle Jim Liberman as his “sidekick”. She was the one getting the crowd pumped up for him. The duo met in 1972 before tragedy struck their partnership.

Liberman was in an accident, which caused his passing in 1977. He was able to leave his legacy and life insurance to his family, fortunately, but this does not make things any easier for the loved ones he left behind. The industry should give more credit to Hardy for her unique contribution to Hollywood. Indeed, her looks, smile, style, and hair remain iconic and an inspiration to many people until today.


Six decades and counting, Billy Dee Williams does not seem to have any plans of slowing down any time soon. Still active at 92, he’s putting investments towards his health. The actor is best known for having created several memorable Broadway shows such as The Firebrand of Florence. In terms of his acting, on the other hand, he is known as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Having a net worth of $9 million, Williams is still expanding his empire.

Though he’s already great at what he’s doing, we look forward to more of his future projects. It looks like Williams is not about to slow down on his career anytime soon. As such, we can expect him to continue earning more money to add to his impressive net worth. The handsome black beauty is not only talented and rich, he also looks very young compared to his actual age.

Linda Ronstadt – 73 – $130 MILLION

Linda Ronstadt, a retired American singer, was born on July 15, 1946 in Tucson. She is the recipient of many accolades, including ten Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy Award, and an ALMA Award. This time, we’ll take a pause in featuring Hollywood actresses as this belle is a multi-awarded singer-songwriter with a massive net worth of $130 million.

We’re talking about Linda Ronstadt who is a recipient of 10 Grammy Awards and 3 American Music Awards, among many accolades she can brag! Ronstadt established herself as a diverse singer, having recorded in genres of country, rock, and even light opera. She announced her retirement in 2011 after being diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy. The prestigious Berklee College of Music awarded her an honorary doctorate of music degree for her influence and achievements in American music.

Billie Jean King – 76 – $20 MILLION

Billie Jean King, American former professional tennis player, was born on November 22, 1943 in Long Beach. Before we had Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, people from the ’60s and ’70s had Billie Jean King, who was the former World No. 1 professional tennis player. King’s tennis record is hard to beat. She completed what they call the Triple Crown at Wimbledon, meaning she won women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and singles titles in the same year.

Also, she is the recipient of many accolades, and she has won a total of 39 Grand Slam titles(12 in singles, 16 in women’s doubles, 11 in mixed doubles ), among many other awards. She has been called a “tennis legend.”She retired from the sport since 1983 but her net worth remains to be in the millions, $20 million to be exact. Kudos to her excellent money management skills!

Alison Arngrim- 58 – $400 THOUSAND 

Alison Arngrim, American actress and author, was born on January 18, 1962 in New York City. She is the recipient of several accolades, including a Young Artist Award, and a TV Land Award. Besides, she also has nominations for Young Artist Award and TV Land Award. Another popular celeb in the ’70s on the list is Alison Arngrim. Not everyone might remember her, but she was a renowned child actress back in the day.

She played Nellie Oleson on the western drama Little House on the Prairie for seven seasons. Because of her iconic role, she was awarded the Former Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award by Young Artist Award in 2002. She may not be as famous as she was before, but until now she performs on stage in France. Her investments of passion and diligence led her to have a net worth of $400,000.

Toni Tennille – 80 – $4.5 MILLION

Toni Tennille, American singer-songwriter and keyboardist, was born on May 8, 1940 in Montgomery. Millennials may not have seen her perform back in the day, but her good music continues to reach the present generation. We’re talking about Toni Tennille’s 1975 hit, Love Will Keep Us Together, performed by her and then-husband Daryl Dragon. The couple was famous in the ’70s for their singing duo called Captain & Tennille, however, they hired a divorce lawyer in 2014.

Tennille has since continued to produce music as a solo artist, though sporadically. She has been married two times. Frist was to former drummer Kenneth Shearer, and they married in 1962. The couple divorced ten years later. Her second husband was Daryl Dragon, and the pair divorced in 2014. In 2016, she published her memoir and went on a book tour to promote it. Throughout the years, she amassed a $4.5 million net worth.


Canadian actor, comedian, film producer, screenwriter, and voice actor Jim Carrey has become a household name. Jim Carrey was born on January 17, 1962 in Newmarket. His countless appearances in blockbuster and top-grossing films have made him rich and famous. He is the recipient of many accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, 11 MTV Movie & TV Awards and numerous nominations.

Born in Newmarket, Ontario, Carrey came from humble beginnings. He professionally started comedy as a stand-up act in Toronto. Later, Jim stopped going to high school and found his way to LA, where Rodney Dangerfield discovered him. After this, he appeared in iconic and well-praised films such Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Starting life from poverty and homelessness, Jim now has a grand mansion with the best home security system.

Angie Dickinson– 88 – $30 MILLION


Angie Dickinson, American actress, was born on September 30, 1931 in Kulm. Exquisitely beautiful, Angie Dickinson is one of the most popular icons on her time. She is the recipient of several accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, one Saturn Award and many other nominations(three Emmy Awards nominations). She’s been acting since 1959, and continued to do so up until 2009.

With a net worth of $25 million post retirement, money management is definitely something she’s good at. She may have gone through an excellent phase in her career, but she did experience some tough times, especially at the time of her daughter’s passing. Though it might have shook her, she managed to get pack up and continue to thrive. As they say, you cannot keep a good woman down and Angie is proof of this!

Kandi– 44 – $30 MILLION

More often than not, music plays an integral part in some people’s lives. Among those people is Kandi Burruss. Kandi Burruss was born on May 17, 1976 in East Point. She was Well-known in the entertainment industry as Kandi, the first steps she took towards a career under the spotlight started when she was just in high school. Back when she took classes at Tri-Cities High School, Kandi met her soon-to-be Xscape friends, Tamika, LaTocha, and Tameka.

Besides her career with the group, Kandi also honed her skills in music production and songwriting. Over the years, she had the chance to write for artists like Pink, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and the girl group Destiny’s Child. Outside of the entertainment industry, Kandi also made investments in her own cosmetic line called Kandi Koated Cosmetics.

Melinda Messenger – 49 –Undisclosed

Melinda Messenger, English television presenter and former glamour model, was born on 23 February 1971 in Swindon. Melinda Messenger started as a flight attendant for Britannia Airways, working there for six months, before beginning a modelling career and eventually transitioning into television work. She is best known as a presenter and hosted the magazine programme, Live From Studio Five. Gaining prominence in the 90’s, her fanbase definitely supported her all throughout her career.

Aside from being a natural in front of the camera, her good looks and lean body, helped her land various modelling gigs from both The Star and The Sun. Her most recent appearance credit was as a contestant for the series, The Jump. This was back in 2014. Messenger married Welshman Wayne Roberts in 1998, and the couple have three children. They separated in 2008 and again in 2012.

Sean Connery– 90 – $350 MILLION

If there’s an actor who doesn’t need an introduction, it’s Sean Connery. The 90-year-old star may be retired, but the mark he has left in the business can’t be denied. He is the original James Bond, leading seven Bond films from 1962 to 1983. He has also made many iconic films in the past and won several prestigious awards from Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globes, Cecil B. DeMille Award, and Henrietta Award.

Connery also gets the credits for being The Greatest Living Scott by The Sunday Herald, Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure by EuroMillions, and the Sexiest Man Alive in 1989 and Sexiest Man of the Century in 1999 by People. For his incomparable contribution to the industry, he received the lifetime achievement award with the Kennedy Center Honor in the US in 1999 and knighted in the 2000 New Year Honours.

Henry Winkler –74- $30 MILLION

If you’re a fan of Happy Days then you’re definitely familiar with Henry Winkler. Henry Winkler, American actor, comedian, director, and producer, was born on October 30, 1945 in New York City. He is the recipient of many accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, one Emmy Award and two Daytime Emmy Awards. Not to mention that he received a lot of nominations. He played the role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.

Few runs into the series, he was able to bring home two Golden Globe Awards for the character. Though his investments and income were already pouring in, there’s still no signs of him slowing down when it comes to his career much like many of his contemporaries. Years after the series ended, he managed to land several voice over and acting roles. Aside from being an actor and lending his voice to various productions, Henry Winkler also had a career as an author.

Michelle Phillips – 75- $10 MILLION

Michelle Phillips, American singer, songwriter, actress, and former model, was born on June 4, 1944 in Long Beach. One of the industry’s most talented, actress Michelle Phillips has appeared in a number of different projects including The Last Movie, Dillinger, Valentino, Bloodline, Victim of Romance, and many more. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

She also participated in documentaries titled Feminists: What Were They Thinking? and Echo in the Canyon. Aside from being an established actress, Michelle has also been a singer and a songwriter since 1944, she launched her career in the 60’s where she’s part of The Mamas & the Papas quartet. We give credit to her for being multi-talented! No wonder she’s managed to earn her well-deserved net worth of $10 million.

Sean Hannity– 58 – $250 MILLION

Sean Hannity rose to prominence as one of the best talk show hosts. He is the man behind The Sean Hannity Show, which turned out to be a nationally syndicated talk show on radio. He also has a commentary program on Fox News.With his incredible talent and hard work, Hannity has received several accolades and honors, such as an honorary degree from Liberty University.

He is also an author who has penned three The New York Times best-selling books: Let Freedom RingDeliver Us from Evil, and Conservative Victory. Recently, he dropped his latest book, Live Free or Die. Today, Hannity is already 58 years old, but nothing is stopping a man like him from working. It seems like he’s far from retiring and will definitely continue to grace our TV screens or hit the bookshelves with his write-ups.

Olivia Newton-John- 71 – $40 MILLION

Olivia Newton-John, British-Australian singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur, was born on 26 September 1948 in Cambridge. She’s one of the industry’s most enduring talents. AS a singer and an actress, Olivia Newton – John managed to win several awards during her time in Hollywood. She has managed to take home four Grammy awards throughout her career—certainly an honor that not many are given. She also has won eleven American Music Awards, nine Billboard Awards and one Daytime Emmy Award.

Not to mention that she received a lot of nominations. With credit to her stunning vocals, she was able to sell more than 100 million copies of her music world-wide. At the height of her success, she made an announcement that she could no longer continue singing given that her breast cancer returned. Back in 2017, the actress was back on screen for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Talia Shire–74 – $20 MILLION

Talia Shire, American Actress, was born on April 25, 1946 in New York. Gaining a huge fanbase after portraying the role of Connie Corleone, Talia Shire became an acting sensation worldwide. The Godfather films were her breakthrough, where she was able to earn and increase her net worth. With the amount that she’s been making, payday loans were never needed. Aside from Connie, she also played the role of Adrian Pennino in Rocky.

She was able to earn recognition for both roles and Talia even received an Academy Award nomination for best Supporting Actress, and Best Actress. She has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama and the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Rocky. In terms of her recent projects, she was part of the Kingdom TV series which aired in 2017.

Lynda Carter – 68 – $10 MILLION

Lynda Carter, American actress, singer, songwriter and model, was born on July 24, 1951 in Phoenix. Known as the first Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter is one of the most popular and iconic actresses for her time. She became one of the most recognized celebrities during the years of 1975 to 1979. At the peak of her acting career, she even went on to release a pop album, Portrait.

Not only does she have good looks, but she’s also very good with singing too. Some of the songs were featured and given credit in a movie. As for her latest journey, she had a cameo for Super Girl and was also part of Super Trooper 2, which was released in 2018. Carter has been married twice. First was to Ron Samuels from 1977 to 1982; and the second was to Robert A. Altman. The couple have two children.

Joanna Cameron– 68 – EST. $1 MILLION

Joanna Cameron, American former actress and model, was born on September 20, 1951 in Colorado. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside. Joanna Cameron may have had a great start in the industry, but she decided to eventually shift careers after some time. The actress was once part of a kid’s TV show, The Secrets of Isis. The show became quite a hit and it was on air from September 6, 1975, to September 3, 1977.

Joanna Cameron’s last-known performace was in the 1980 TV movie Swan Song.By the 1980’s, however, Cameron’s career started to decline. This is one of the reasons why she decided to retire from showbiz, opting to push her investments towards a different path. Joanna worked in home health care for the longest time before she transitioned to hotels marketing.

Traci Lords– 52 – $7 MILLION

Traci Lords, American actress, former pornographic actress, singer, and model, was born on May 7, 1968 in Ohio. Popular for her projects in the adult film industry, Traci Lords does know what it takes to turn heads. As a matter of fact, she got into the adult film industry by using a fake birth certificate. Although she started with something small, she eventually gained popularity and reputation which gave her access to bigger and better productions.

The actress made further investments when it comes to serious acting, which paid off for she was able to earn notable roles in projects such as Married with Children, Cry Baby, and MacGyver. Her most recent appearances includes shows such as Melrose Place and Nash Bridges. Aside from establishing a career in acting, she is also known to be a talented singer.

Susan Anton – 69 – $10 MILLION

Susan Anton, American actress and singer, was born on October 12, 1950 in Yucaipa, California. Being a household name in the 70’s, Susan Anton is one of the well-loved actresses during her time. She made appearances in several TV commercials, including the popular Muriel cigar. She also hosted Mel and Susan Together alongside Mel Tillis, which lasted only 4 weeks.

Though the shows she worked with weren’t very popular, she was still hailed one of the “Most Promising Faces in 1979”. For her recent activities, she managed to have an on-screen role for a 2016 film, Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. Through the projects she did in the past, she likely also made a number of successful investments. Susan Anton has been married twice.First was to Jack Stein, and her second husband was Jeff Lester.

Erin Murphy – 55 – $10 MILLION

Erin Murphy, American Actress, was born on June 17, 1964 in Encino, California. If you’re a fan of the classic TV show Bewitched, then you’re definitely familiar with Erin Murphy. The Encino born actress played the role of Tabitha when she was younger, along with her twin sister when they were only 2 years old. Between the sisters, however, she was the one who managed to do majority of the close-up roles.

Erin played the part from 1964 – 1972, for a total of 103 episodes, but eventually chose to live life away from Hollywood after. Most recently, the actress did a few TV appearances, which includes credit for Life Interrupted, which was aired in 2017. Murphy has been married three times. The first marriage was to Terry Rogers, and the pair divorced in 1989. Her second husband was Eric Eden, and the third was Darren Dunckel.

Diana Ross- 76 – $250 MILLION

Diana Ross, American singer and actress, was born on March 26, 1944 in Detroit. We give credit to her for the wonderful songs she has contributed to the world. Diana Ross, known for being the powerful voice behind Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and I’m Coming Out, proves she’s one of the best singers out there. In fact, Billboard named her the “Female Entertainer of the Century” in 1976.

She may have been working for six decades already but she has no plans of retiring yet. She is the recipient of many accolades, including one Golden Globe Award, one Grammy Award, seven American Music Awards, and many other awards. Not to mention that she also has many nominations. At 76 years old, she has accumulated a net worth of $250 million. Ross continues performing on tours and on a mini-residency at a hotel located in Las Vegas.

Judi Dench- 83 – $35 MILLION

Judi Dench, English actress, was born on 9 December 1934 in Heworth, York. She is the recipient of many accolades, including six BAFTA Awards, one Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards and a Tony Award. Apart from these awards, she also has a lot of nominations. Tagged as one of the most legendary actresses, Dame Judy Dench still manages to turn heads with her looks.

With a net worth of $35 million, having a health insurance is never an issue for the icon. In terms of reading and studying her script, given her vision issues, she has someone read it for her. Despite this, she still shines in her scenes with ease. In 2013, she went through a bit of a struggle because of knee surgery. We hope her health improves and she continues acting. Truly a legend and an amazing icon who still thrives despite her years.

George Hamilton – 80- $20 MILLION

George Hamilton, American film and television actor, was born on August 12, 1939 in Memphis. George Hamilton had one of the biggest fanbase during the 50s. He managed to land iconic and notable roles in films such as Light in the Piazza, The Godfather Part III, Your Cheatin’ Heart, and Once Is Not Enough. In 2016, he was part of the KFC Commercial, where he was cast as a version of the company’s icon, Colonel Sanders.

In 2018, he also played a role in the popular TV series, General Hospital. Hamilton was married to actress Alana Stewart in 1972, and the couple divorced in 1975. They have a son, Ashley Hamilton, who was born in 1974. Though he’s already 80, there seems to be no signs of him going into retirement anytime soon. With his net worth, payday loans and money issues won’t be a problem.

Kathie Lee Gifford – 67 – $60 MILLION

Kathie Lee Gifford, American television presenter, singer, songwriter, occasional actress and author, was born on August 16, 1953. She rose to prominence for co-hosting Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee for a total of 15 years, from 1985 to 2000. This sealed her role as a prominent host, earning her numerous nominations and awards from the Daytime Emmys. Furthermore, the 67-year-old star’s extraordinary talent brought her to great places.

She ended up doing a slew of TV projects, like The Today Show, but Gifford didn’t only confine herself into hosting. On another note, she is also a singer, songwriter, occasional actress, and author. She is not afraid to make an investment in something that interests her. Despite being in the business for five decades, Gifford has no plans to leave the stage yet. She still has a bunch of projects coming, like a sequel to her movie Then Came You.

Cicely Tyson – 95 – $10 MILLION

Cicely Tyson, American actress and former fashion model, was born on December 19, 1924 in Harlem. Tyson is the recipient of many accolades, including three Emmy Awards, four Black Reel Awards, one Tony Award and many other awards. A few years to go and she’s going to be a centenarian! Cicely Tyson has played some of the most important roles on screen.

Her portrayal of strong African-American women gained her widespread recognition and mainstream success including winning two Emmy Awards for the film, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. She has dedicated most of her life acting and has a long-running career spanning more than seven decades. Her net worth of $10 million is with credit to how hard she’s worked in the industry. In recent years, she appeared in The Help and How to Get Away with Murder.

Jacqueline Bisset – 75 – $20 MILLION

Jacqueline Bisset, English  film and television actress, was born on 13 September 1944 in Weybridge. She is the recipient of Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, and she also has several nominations during her career. Jacqueline Bisset was one of the most popular actresses of her generation. She boost her popularity and increase her fanbase after appearing in 1968’s The Detective. She played the female lead opposite Frank Sinatra.

Years after her breakthrough, she managed to land bigger roles, which helped her become one of the most acclaimed actresses. For more than a decade, she appeared in 17 films. Though she already aged, she still looks stunning. With credit to her passion towards acting, she continued to appear in films, even at a later age. In 2017, Bisset made appearances in 9/11 and The Double Love.

Chrissy Metz – 40 – $250,000

Chrissy Metz, American actress and singer, was born on September 29, 1980 in Homestead, Florida. Like many celebrities today, Chrissy Metz started her career with humble beginnings. Before she pursued the life of an actress, Metz once worked at her local McDonald’s. Throughout her time working at the fast-food chain, Metz learned from her colleagues and manager the values of hard work and kindness.

And though she is already a successful actress, Chrissy still has those principles she learned from her time at McDonald’s etched within her heart. Now, in retrospect, it’s safe to say that committing to those values is, and always will be, an investment she will never regret anytime soon. Over the years, Chrissy Metz has appeared in TV series like This Is Us, and films, including Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and Breakthrough.

Gloria Steinem – 85 – $3 MILLION

Gloria Steinem, American feminist journalist and social political activist, was born on March 25, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio. She is the recipient of many accolades. Known as a famous journalist, Gloria Steinem earned a name in the area of feminism and socio-political topics. She even earned a title as the leader of the feminist movement in America, with which she’s been a spokeswoman since the late 60’s to the early 70’s.

She earned strong recognition for her article, After Black Power, Women’s Liberation, which she. Withe credit to the write up, as it made a significant impact which was embedded on her legacy. She, along with Robin Morgan and Jane Fonda, came up with Women’s Media Center. By 2018, she still travels the world and organizes events centered on equality.

Pat Priest– 83 – $3 MILLION

Pat Priest, American actress, was born on August 15, 1936 in Bountiful, Utah. Pat Priest significantly enjoyed her time on the limelight. She landed huge roles for different films such as Marilyn Munster form the TV show, The Munsters. Aside from those mentioned, she also managed to earn popularity for Bewitched, Easy Come, Easy Go, and Death Valley Days. She managed to earn a net worth of $3 million before retirement.

She may have lived life in the fast lane, but she did go through downtimes in terms of her health and needed insurance. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001. After her diagnosis, she and her family decided to shy away from the public eye. She has been married twice. The first marriage was to Pierce Jensen Jr., and the couple divorced in 1967. Her second husband was Frederick Hansing.

Samantha Fox– 54 – $20 MILLION

Samantha Fox, British singer, songwriter, actress, and former glamour model, was born on 15 April 1966 in London. She is the elder daughter of actress Carole Ann Wilken and John Patrick Fox. Exploring glam and fame at the age of 16, Samantha Fox certainly managed to make a success of herself. To her credit, it may have taken her a few years before she became well known, but by the time she was 20, she was one of the most beloved dance-pop artists.

When Samantha released her single titled Touch Me, she ranked number 1 in 17 countries. After releasing her hit album, she went on to produce 6 more. Her latest appearance was her participation in Celebrity Big Brother 18. She might have had a good start; she was eventually eliminated just before the finale episode. Samantha Fox received a nomination for Best British Female Artist In 1988.

Tina Louise– 85 – $6 MILLION

Tina Louise, American actress, was born on February 11, 1934 in New York City. Tina Louise managed to win the audience’s hearts during 1950’s. She gained popularity to starring in her breakthrough role for God’s Little Acre. With the film’s success, she then got a Golden Globe for being the New Star of the Year. With proper financial planning, she earned a net worth of $6 million post retirement.

She also appeared in the TV comedy series Gilligan’s Island which was highly popular in the 1960’s. Though she managed to have a huge net worth, she donated some of it to charity. She retired in 2015 and chose to live life away from the public’s eye. Tina Louise was married to Les Crane in 1966, with whom she has a daughter, and the couple divorced in 1971.

Bo Derek – 63 – $50 MILLION

Bo Derek, American actress, film producer, and model, was born on November 20, 1956 in Long Beach, California. Orca is one of the most iconic films in the 70’s and among its cast is the iconic actress, Bo Derek. The film was one of the most successful at the time, but it was not until 1979 that the actress was really able to gain popularity.

Playing the role of Jenny Hanley in 10, Derek earned a huge following. She has a nomination for Golden Globe Award for New Star in 1980. Bo has since been on semi-retirement, making a few appearances on film and the red carpet. Her last film credit was for 2013’s Highland Park. After which, she decided to divert her attention towards activism, where she supports different organization, including Richard Branson’s Wild Aid.

Barbra Streisand– 78 – $400 MILLION

Barbra Streisand, American singer, actress, and filmmaker, was born on April 24, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York City. Every time we turned our TV on in the ’80s and ’90s, we always saw her face. Barbra Streisand is one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood. She does not only excel in acting but especially in music. Streisand has been nominated forty-three times for a Grammy Award, and won eight. In addition, she also won many other awards.

Being one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, she amassed a net worth of $400 million. She also ventured into filmmaking and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, becoming the first and only woman to win the award as of date. Her investments in talent and persistence have surely reaped. At 78, she released her 36th studio album entitled Walls.

Raquel Welch- 79 – $30 MILLION

Not wanting to be excluded in the list is American actress Raquel Welch, who also made it big in the ’70s by portraying strong female characters in most of her films. Raquel Welch, American actress and singer, was born on September 5, 1940 in Chicago. Welch did not only bring electricity to Hollywood by being an international sex symbol, but she also ventured and made business investments, growing her net worth to $30 million dollars.

The 79-year old star launched her wig collection called HAIRuWEAR. Currently still working in the show business, Welch isn’t tired of showcasing her talent. She was ranked no. 2 in Men’s Health Magazines “Hottest Women of All Time” list in 2011. During her carrer, Raquel Welch won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress in 1974 and some other awards.

Sophia Loren– 85 – $75 MILLION

Sophia Loren, Italian actress, was born on 20 September 1934 in Rome. Stunning as ever, Sophia Loren still has a huge fanbase. Sophia Loren is the recipient of many accolades, including a Grammy Award, five special Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award, a Laurel Award,and many other awards. At the young age of 15, she already managed to join and bag awards on beauty pageants.

She explored her acting career in the 1950’s, and was able to land a huge deal with Paramount Pictures in 1956. The contract boosted her career, leading to several investments and landing her a net worth of $75 million. Two of her most iconic roles are The Pride and The Passion and It Started in Naples. At the age of 85, she still looks vibrant and charming. Her charisma does not seem to fade at all.

Dennis Quaid – 66 – $30 MILLION

Dennis Quaid, American actor, was born on April 9, 1954 in Houston. Dennis Quaid has been in the entertainment business since the 1970s. Since then, he has played numerous serious and comedic roles. Although he started acting in 1975, the 66-year-old actor first gained widespread attention in the 1980s. At the time, he began to have numerous acting credits from the films, Breaking Away, The Right Stuff, The Big Easy, and more.

He continued to dominate the big screen until the early 2000s. Of course, his extraordinary talent never went unnoticed as he received numerous accolades, including the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor. At 66, Dennis has no plan to stop acting yet. In fact, he has an upcoming movie, portraying the life of former President Ronald Reagan in the biopic, Reagan.


Andie MacDowell, American actress and fashion model, was born on April 21, 1958 in Gaffney. She rose to prominence when she did Sex, Lies, and Videotape in 1989. This movie earned her critical acclaim and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead and a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama. This movie opened a lot of doors for the model-actress that even further her career with several nominations.

Aside from big movies, Andie also received credits on working independent films and played supporting roles in Beauty Shop, Footloose, and Magic Mike XXL. Although she is now 62, there is no stopping Andie from acting. Recently, she received another critical acclaim for the 2017 drama film Love After Love. She is also famous for being the face of Calvin Klein Inc. and L’Oréal.

Frances McDormand– 63 – $30 MILLION

Frances McDormand, American actress, was born on June 23, 1957 in Gibson City, Illinois. Frances McDormand received the prestigious Triple Crown of Acting – Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and Tony Award – a feat that only a few could achieve. She is one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation, known for her “unique, quirky, and headstrong” female roles in the movies.

She is an often collaborator of the Coen brothers, appearing in a number of their films, like Blood Simple, Raising Amazona, Fargo, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Burn After Reading, and Hail, Caesar! Frances also showed her incredible acting talent on stage when she made her Broadway debut in 1984. At 63, it is still too early for Frances to retire, so she will continue to bless us with her talent, doing more TV and movie credits in the future.

Gabourey Sidibe – 37 – $6 MILLION

Gabourey Sidibe, American actress and author, was born on May 6, 1983 in Brooklyn. Before pursuing her passion for acting, actress Gabourey Sidibe was discouraged from even thinking of having a life under the spotlight. Fortunately, that didn’t stop her for one second. After working for some time at a not-for-profit agency, Sidibe began her journey in the world of acting. In 2009, Gabourey Sidibe finally showed her skills to moviegoers with the film Precious.

Her acting credit as the 16-year-old Precious Jones earned Sidibe her first-ever Best Actress nomination from both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. She also won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress. After her big break, the actress also starred in popular TV shows like Empire, American Horror Story, Bojack Horseman, and other films, including Tower Heist, White Bird in a Blizzard, and Antebellum.

Daniela Bianchi – 77 – EST. $1 to 5 MILLION

Daniela Bianchi, Italian actress, was born on 31 January 1942 in Central Italy. Known by her fanbase as Tatiana Romanova, Daniela Bianchi is one of the most popular Bond girls, appearing in From Russia with Love back in 1963. Prior to her on-screen career, she also did ballet, modelling, and was even a runner up for Miss Universe 1960. She also played several roles on films such as Dr. Kildare, Operation Kid Brother, Special Mission Lady Chaplin, Your Turn to Die, and many more.

By 1970, she decided to retire but made an appearance in a 2012 documentary, We’re Nothing Like James Bond. With several investments, her estimated net worth is around $1 to 5 million. Daniela Bianchi was married to Alberto Cameli in 1970, and the couple have one son. Her husband died in 2018.

Anne Buydens – 100 – $60 MILLION

Anne Buydens, American philanthropist, producer, and occasional actress, was born on 23 April 1919 in Hanover, Germany. Anne Buydens and her husband managed to reach the centennial mark. Despite her age, she still managed to look stunning. A quick trivia on the icon, for more than five decades, Buydens managed to earn a post on the Intenational List of Best Dressed People. Though she battled cancer, she pushed her investments towards health ventures.

She is one of the co-founders for Reacher for Women’s Cancers and Harry’s Haven, which is an institute for Alzheimer’s. Aside from these, Anne and her husband, Kirk, also provided playgrounds for children. With a net worth of $60 million, Anne Buydens remains charitable and active to this day. Anne Buydens was married to Kirk Douglas in 1954, and they have two sons: Peter and Eric.

Ruth Westheimer – 91 – $3 MILLION

Best known as Dr. Ruth, Ruth Westheimer managed to gather vast number of followers. Ruth Westheimer was born in German. She moved to United States in 1956 when she was 28 years old. After next few years, she continued her further study in college. It was not until 1980 that she begun her media career. She’s a successful radio and TV talk show host would focus on health and wellness. She’s a therapist, a writer, and a media personality rolled into one.

Her radio show was able to run for more than a decade. Aside from which, she also managed to write more than 40 books, focusing on intimacy. Dr.Ruth has been married for three times which brought her two children. With extensive knowledge on her subject, she taught courses on prestigious educational institutions including Princeton and Yale. If ever she’ll finally decide to resign, pay day loans will never be a problem.

Billy Connolly – 76- $20 MILLION

This Scottish stand-up comedian is also known as “The Big Yin” at his homeland. He began his career in the 1960’s and drew the attention of fans thanks to his talents. Billy Connolly started off his popularity after he became a part of the Scottish folk-rock band, The Humblebumbs. Included in the group are some of his closest friends, Gerry Rafferty and Tam Harvey.

Aside from making and performing music with his band, Billy would eventually push his investments towards acting where he managed to land several roles and establish himself as a natural. He worked on projects such as the Indecent Proposal, Muppet Treasure Island, The Boondock Saints, The Last Samurai, and Brave. Now, Billy has retired from comedy since 2018, but he didn’t stop to hold. Actually, Billy Connolly is a artist who has held a exhibition.

Carol Burnett– 86 – $45 MILLION

She may be in her 80’s, but Carol Burnett is still gorgeous as ever. Dominating Hollywood in her times, she’s known for being the Queen of Comedy in the days. She also made a debut on Stanley, but the sitcom didn’t really last long. She eventually found her fame when she became part of cabarets and nightclubs in New York. She became a huge hit for her appearance in Once Upon a Mattress.

By 2017, she released her book titled In Such Good Company where she won an Oscar for. At $25 million net worth to date, credit problems would no longer be an issue. An award that named after her was created by Golden Globes to credit people with great achievements in television last year. Burnett is now appreciated not for her achievements in her career but the good deeds that she does. Shehas contributed to scholarship problems in UCLA to help students who lack of money.

Tim Matheson – 71 – $7 MILLION

Famous for his role as Eric “Otter” Stratton from National Lampoon’s Animal House, Tim Matheson managed to increase his fanbase. Aside from the film mentioned, he also took part on Bonanza. As his popularity increase, so does his net worth. At the moment, Matheson was able to have more than $7 million. For his latest projects he was part of a 2018 film 6 Balloons. Aside from which, he also made appearances on The Good Fight and The Affair.

Tim Matheson has been married three times. He and his second wife gave birth to his three children. In 2018, he married with Elizabeth Marighetto. Now the pair lives in Hollywood, California. With proper money management, he has managed to not only live a comfortable life, but also ensure that his family gets the best. Today, Matheson is still active on stage to offer his best performance.

Sam J. Jones – 65- $500 THOUSAND

Sam J. Jones was quite popular during his time thanks to his charm and undeniable talent. In recent years, you might also recognize him for his memorable cameo role in the comedy film, Ted. Being in the industry for quite some time and was able to work in a number of different productions, including several cameos. Jones actually made his first debut back to 1979, which shows that he has been active on stage for three decades.

Jones has been married twice. This two marriages brought him five children. We’re sure many of his fans are wondering what he’s up to these days. Well, the actor seem busy with other investments—including taking care of his health. He receives interviews in which he recalls his memories about his films from time to time.He may have retired, but he’s still thriving well with a $500,000 investment money on his account.

David Crosby – 78 – EST. $48 MILLION

A musician who clearly has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, David Crosby does know what he wants, and everything is shining through his passion for music. At the age of 78, he’s still active in terms of going on tours and performing in concerts with his band. Made his debut as a bassist in 1964, Crosby has been active on stage for half century. In 2019, a documentary that took Crosby as subject came out.

He shook the music industry in 1994 and shocked his fans as it was announced that he needed a liver transplant. Quick enough to respond to his needs, Phil Collins, paid for his medical expenses. With a net worth of $48 million, he surely would be able to afford a good medical insurance plan. We are happy to see how healthy and passionate this man is. Today, Crosby leads a amazing life with his second wife and children.

Liv Ullman – 80 – $20 MILLION

Not only was she an actress, but Liv Ullman is a renowned director as well. To top up her credits in terms of capabilities, she is also multilingual as she can speak English, Norwegian, Swedish, and several other European languages. At the age of 80, with a net worth of $20 million, her investments are surely thriving. Liv is best associated with her work for the famed director Ingmar Bergman and she is also considered to be one of his muses.

Ullman begun her career as a stage actress in Norway. Her fame started to rise after working with the famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Ullman The actress has received many accolades throughout her career, including a Palme d’Or for her film, Faithless, which she directed. Ullman had love affairs with Ingmar Bergman, John Lithgow. Now she lives with her current husband Donald Saunders. They’ve been married for 35 years.

Jerry Mathers – 71 – $3 MILLION

Best known as Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver, Jerry Mathers is an icon of his time. Well-loved by many, he managed to be one of the favorites in Leave It to Beaver. He managed to stay in the show for six years. Aside from the series, he also made several film projects such as This is My Love, Men of the Fighting Lady, and Trouble with Harry. Though his career was doing great, he eventually considered retirement as he opted to finish his education.

With what he was earning as an actor prior, student loans were not an option for him. He joined the United States Air Force Reserve and attended the Vietnam War. After the war, he continued to study in University of California, Berkeley. He finally achieved a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He reentered the Entertainment industry in 1978. Today, he is still active on stage.

Giada De Laurentiis – 50 – $30 MILLION

If you are a fan of cooking and you know every cooking show, you surely know Giada De Laurentiis. The chef, writer, and TV personality is best known for being the host of Food Network’s Giada at Home. She may have stunned viewers with her unique Italian cooking style, preparing the most sumptuous food that you can ever see. Her meals will make you so hungry that you may end up ordering and swiping your credit card.

With her love for food and culinary, Laurentiis founded the catering business GDL Foods. She is also a regular contributor and guest co-host of NBC’s Today. With all the works Laurentiis does, it is no surprise that she has amassed $30 million net worth. Giada once married and gave birth to a girl. She divorced in 2015. Now she is in a new romantic relationship with a TV producer, but she still devotes most of her strength to her own career. This year her network series even won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Robert Redford – 84 – $170 MILLION

Born in 1973, Robert Redford is an actor, film director, and producer. He is known as the man behind the Sundance Film Festival but has also appeared in TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, and The Way We Were, among others. He also has film credits as a director in the movies Quiz Show, A River Runs Through It, and Ordinary People, for which he won an Oscar.

Aside from his ventures in the film industry, he is also an activist, philanthropist, and environmentalist. He is the trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council. He has also invested in putting up his own businesses. Redford has been married twice. This two marriages brought his all four children. Today, he has retired from the film industry and focuses on activities to pursue his political and environmental ideas.

Bob Barker 97 – $70 MILLION

Being one of the most popular icon in his time, Bob Barker is one of those who managed to gather a strong fanbase. He started his first media job at radio. It was not until 1956 that he begun his gameshow carrer. Being a gameshow host for Truth or Consequence in the 1950’s, he’s already part of American homes. Aside from the popular gameshow, he also received hosted beauty pageants such as Miss Universe and Miss USA.

Bob Barker also managed to have long hosting stints. He’s the main host for the popular family gameshow, The Price Is Right. Staying with the show for over 30 years, he managed to earn several investments allowing him to have a net worth of $70 million. He retired in 2006 but he still made some appearance on screen from time to time. Today, this man is 97 years old but he doesn’t seem to be troubled by disease.


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