Try Not To Be Jealous Of The Most Expensive Things That Celebrities Own

Roberto Cavalli’sYacht |$50 million

An amazing fashion designer hailing all the way from Florence, Italy, Roberto Cavalli is famous for making his sand-blasted jeans a staple product of modern clothing. He is also famous for his intriguing and intricate print designs that have been coveted by competing designers for many years. He comes from a family of talented individuals that all have professions that have helped him in one way or another. Cavalli‘s father was an esteemed member of the Macchiaioli Movement with some of his works featured in the Uffizi Gallery.

His mother was a skilled seamstress who taught him all the techniques he needed to create his own clothing inventions. One of the perks of being a world-famous fashion designer is that they get to enjoy a few luxuries in life. Cavalli’s recent purchase of a highly-customized yacht certainly gives credit to his successful career. The yacht features a built-in Jacuzzi, an always-stocked bar with a bartender, and a massive dining room table.