Try Not To Be Jealous Of The Most Expensive Things That Celebrities Own

Celebrities are known for their love for expensive things, from lavish homes to the most luxurious cars. You name it; they have it. This can be their way of showing off their statuses and wealth. Sure, they have the most significant bank accounts, purchasing the most expensive things you know, but is it still worth the money? Do they even listen to their financial advisor when they spend thousands, if not millions, to buy something?

They can easily afford the priciest car, the most expensive jewelry, or the most costly prized possession you can think of. They can even make it their collection without worrying if they still have something to buy their needs. For the highest-paid celebrity, it is no problem at all.

So, we, the average Joes, will just sit here, drop our jaws, and be in awe knowing Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is $10 million, and Game’s remote control car is diamond-studded.

Take a look at this list that reveals the most expensive things that our favorite celebrities own. Try not to cry out of jealousy!

The Most Expensive Bonus For Acting | Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin DBS | Estimated $169,520

A passion for something is often realized at a young age, which was exactly the case for Daniel Craig. At the age of 6, he already developed a knack for acting. After performing on more than a few of his school’s stage plays, he decided to become an actor and continued his studies at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Although he has starred in movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Layer Cake, he is mostly known for his acting credit as the suave secret agent, James Bond, in the new 007 movies.

For his automobiles, it’s safe to say that Craig has the same standards as his on-screen counterpart, James Bond. In fact, one of the cars he now keeps in his garage is the very same Aston Martin DBS model used in one of the recent Bond movies – it was given to him as a gift after production concluded.