These Celebrities Have Backyards That’ll Inspire You

David Beckham

Beckham is undoubtedly born to be a footballer. Even before he was born, his parents and siblings were already avid Manchester United fans, the same team he would be playing for. The young Beckham caught Manchester United’s attention at the age of 16 and subsequently became a full-time starter. In 2001, a last-minute free-kick by Beckham qualified England to the following year’s World Cup. However, in 2003, Beckham was acquired by a rival team, Real Madrid. Four years later, Beckham moved to Los Angeles to sign a $250 million contract to play for L.A. Galaxy until he retired from the sport in 2013.

The Beckhams have made investments in many homes; one of them is their £31million mansion in London. It is the perfect family house with a backyard that has luscious gardens with a pool. More importantly, the ideal estate is appropriate for one of the most beautiful families in the Hollywood industry.