Top Personalities Face-Off Against The Weirdest Lawsuits You’ll Ever See

Unbelievable celebrity lawsuits and their story behind it.
Everyone loves a piece of something from their favorite celebrities, whether it would be material things or information that only few people know. That’s what to be expected if someone ventured into the spotlight of show business whether they like it or not.
Almost all celebrities would agree that finding all kinds of stuff including bizarre people doing unusual stuff in mind are all part of the occupational hazard they sign up for. However, there are few people who would risk everything just to get something that they like and most of the time, these bunch resort on using weird and unconventional means. There were even times where they hired a couple of lawyers to their aid and launched all kinds of weird lawsuits.
With that in mind, let’s visit some of the weirdest lawsuits against our favorite celebrities. You guys may find some downright hilarious while others are typically out of this world. Now we got that in the way, get ready to have a couple of fun!

Man Sued Michael Jordan For Looking Exactly Like Him

Basketball fans surely look up to Michael Jordan as a god of the hardwood. He’s considered the best NBA players ever played the game and one of the most influential in the figures in the sports world. It seems like it would be pretty cool to experience what it feels like to be MJ even just for a day. However, there was a man that actually didn’t like that idea. Let’s meet Allen Heckard!
According to him, he got tired of people treating him like a celebrity, specifically the legendary Michael Jordan of the NBA. He claimed he looks exactly like MJ and that allegedly ruined his life. It even reached the point where he hired a couple of lawyers and decided to sue Jordan for it. As expected, the charges were dropped and we’ll give you the chance to decide the fact for yourself.

Outkast Received a Lawsuit Over A Song Title

Outkast became a huge name in the rap and hip hop scenes during the ‘90s and that’s probably one of the reasons why they were sued for using a person’s name as the title of their song. That’s pretty unheard of and we can’t blame you all for thinking that way.
It all started with Outkast’s single named Rosa Parks. It just so happened that Rosa Parks (the person herself) found it odd to include her name as the title of the song that contains obscene lyrics that didn’t go well with her taste. Also, Outkast’s fans made a huge score on their fans’ credit cards and people think that was one of the main reasons why Parks and her lawyers pushed through their lawsuit.
The dust settled between both parties and Outkast’s camp agreed to make a settlement. In return, the group’s manager stood firm that they didn’t mean any harm and didn’t cause any issues with their title selection.

Claims Against Mila Kunis For Stealing Chicken

Mila Kunis became a prominent figure in Hollywood thanks to her impressive performance in the 2010 psychological thriller Black Swan. However, she made headlines in 2015 when Mila Kunins received news about a certain claim against her concerning a chicken that she allegedly stole when she was around her early primary school years. That’s like close to three decades now and if we think of her closely, she went from a swan to a chicken!
According to Kristina Karo, Kunis stole her favorite chicken when they were a child and after 25 years, she decided to call her lawyers and file a small claim of $5,000. In response to the allegation, Kunis said that she’d file a $5,000 counter lawsuit for wasting her time after watching Karo’s video.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Richelle Olson Altercation

It is a common knowledge that we have to pay respect to our elders. However, Richelle Olson might have taken this though a bit too far and used the privilege that way more than her line. That took place after she tried to sue the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for a heated altercation at a bingo parlor while the actor was filming for the movie Bruno.
Cohen and his camp even had video footage that would prove he didn’t do anything wrong. NBC Universal backed up Cohen in this legal battle and their team of lawyers warned Olson that she should stop doing any false accusations or she would face the consequences. They did prove a point in their promise and once the dust settled, Universal requested to the court that Olson should settle their legal fees.

Ashleigh Johnson Sued The Jonas Brothers After Getting Hurt In A Concert

Concerts sometimes may become a rowdy place to some fans. Pushing, loud screams over the top of their lungs and out of control fans are a common sight. After all, most of them used their credit cards just to get to their very first concert. However, the long-time fan of the Jonas Brother, Ashleigh Johnson didn’t enjoy even a bit of it.
From the looks of things, her lawsuit all started when the Jonas Brothers conducted a concert at The Grove, a shopping mall in downtown Los Angeles. It looks like their fans went into a frenzy and she got caught in the middle of the ruckus. Johnson mentioned that she was emotionally crushed paired with a couple of serious physical injuries. We say she should get good medical insurance since a fan of a boyband and their concert is always considered an occupational hazard.

Steve Jobs vs. Jonathan Lee Riches

There are a bunch of lawsuits that are generally considered as outrageous and downright weird, and Jonathan Lee Riches is no stranger when it comes to this kind of thing. He is known to push all kinds of lawsuits to all kinds of people including the football coach Bill Belichick, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, former attorney general Janet Reno and business magnate Steve Jobs.
Let’s talk about his stand with Jobs and his lawsuit against the man. For some reason, he accused Steve Jobs of hiring the infamous OJ Simpson as the businessman’s hitman back in the days. From the looks of things, it might not make a lot of sense for anyone and we can’t understand why he does it.

Tina Seals’ Maternal Claims

This might be the wildest cash grab case you’ll ever hear from Hollywood. It seems like Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter was the subject for the maternity suit filed by a woman named Tina Seals. According to her, she, and not the singer, was the real mother of Blue Ivy.
However, her claims quickly backfired when investigators and lawyers dig deeper in Seals’ pasts and found out that was not her first time to file a maternity claim against a high-profile celebrity. From the looks of things, she also did this part against Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Mariah Carey in the past. We are not sure if she’s doing it for the money, fame or for something else but judging from her track record, her tale might not be the most reliable one.

Miley Cyrus Sued For Making A Goofy Face

This one might be another case that might go down as one of the most interesting lawsuits in Hollywood. This involves the Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus and her wacky group picture with her friends. Apparently, the group was just having fun and decided to take a snap for a wacky group photo. Cyrus made a funny thing with her eyes that might have offended someone, specifically, Lucie Kim.
Kim then filed a whopping $4 billion lawsuit against the actress, saying Cyrus made a huge violation of the civil rights of Asian Pacific Islanders. The actress was pretty apologetic about what happened and her lawyers didn’t do anything special since the court dismissed the case a couple of months later.

Jennifer Lopez Might Get Sued for Her Daring On-Stage Performances

Most women in Hollywood, especially those who are at the top of the leaderboards are always in tip-top shape. However, there are instances that they are just too flashy for their own good. That might be the case for Jennifer Lopez back when she performed in Morocco in 2015 in front of 160,000 people in attendance plus the 2 million views who were just enjoying the show.
Apparently, the government, a couple of lawyers and other officials from Morocco wanted to sue JLo for her daring performance on stage. This was not the first time JLo faced this kind of predicament. Back in 2013, she also performed on stage for a television talent show but she got the same result, people say that her moves and attitude were a little bit on the controversial side.

File A Lawsuit and Setup A Meeting!

Hollywood is home to some of the most famous people. Rich personalities, beautiful mansions, endless stream of shopping using their credit cards and above all, the glitz and glamour of show business. We can see why many people would do anything just to get a clear shot in the entertainment scenes. However, there’s a lady that took this advice to heart and did one of the most outrageous things you can imagine just to get some valid attention from big personalities around Hollywood.
Jo Anne Vandegriff admitted that the lawsuit was just a ploy for her, and her true purpose was to put Amanda Bynes, Halle Berry, Armie Hammer and a couple of staff from Disney together in one room – her intention, pitch her script and do business with them. Genius thinking and she deserves a huge merit for thinking way outside the box for this one.

Sean Combs and His Trillion-Dollar Case

This one might be one of the most outrageous lawsuits you’ll see on the face of the planet and that’s against the rap mogul Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy. About a decade ago, a woman named Valerie Turks decided to pursue a case against the famous rapper for charges such as stealing a casino chip from her worth $100 zillion! That’s not the end of the story, she’s also seeking child support for their alleged son.
She also asked for a restraining order against Combs but the presiding judge declined their request. There’s no clear news if any lawyers accepted her case or if the claim developed into a more interesting story but from the looks of things, she was in for the ride.

Rob Delaney Planned A Lawsuit Against Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to be always in the mood for letting all people know about her personal life, well, that’s reality TV for us! However, one person took things to a whole new degree that would keep us entertained for the rest of our life. That’s when the actor, comedian and television personality Rob Delaney, expressed his disbelief when Kim Kardashian announced her intention of cutting ties with the NBA player Kris Humphries.
His mind was set to sue Kim for the reason that her marriage with the NBA player was only a sham. Well, we don’t know if he had a valid reason to pursue a lawsuit but from the looks of things, it didn’t go well for him.

Charlie Sheen Sued For A Character In His Show

With more than 7.5 billion people in the world, there’s a huge possibility that our story of life would resemble at least one of the characters we see in our television sets and that’s what happened with Ursula Auburn and her claim that one of the characters in Two and a Half Men directly resembles the way she live her life. Her crosshairs were aimed towards the actor, Charlie Sheen.
Auburn accused Sheen that the character named Rose in the show derived from her. Sheen’s lawyers played their cards right and settled the matters out of court. That would further lower down the possible damage against Sheen’s reputation as well as the impact it might pose against the actor’s career.

$1 Billion Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Estate

We all know how successful Michael Jackson became in the world of music. Even to this date, he’s still considered a legend in his own league and it would take a huge amount of effort just to even come close to the status that he enjoyed. With his stature, it is always understandable that someone will get the credits as the reason behind his success.
That’s what happened back in the days when Kimberly Griggs made a $1 billion claim against Michael Jackson and his estate. She claims that she’s the inspiration behind the King of Pop’s music prowess and she had a “more than friends” kind of relationship with Jackson. She also added that the songs Dangerous, Thriller and Bad expressed their secret relationship with each other.

Lawsuit Over A Logo

Logo is everything that identifies a product or a company to its consumers. It is a vital piece if we want a successful investment venture. However, this could spell us legal trouble if left unchecked just like what happened between Ralph Lauren and USPA. It has been an ongoing legal issue between the parties since 1984.
The issue first revolved around the infringement claim against the U.S. Polo Association coming from the world-famous designer himself. In 1978, Ralph Lauren first released a fragrance line with their famous polo logo. A few years later, USPA released their own line that caused a huge rift between the two. Even to this day, both parties are still battling against each other for various product lines and this decades-long feud all started with a logo!

Man Sued Elvis To Prove He Was Still Alive

There’s no denying that Elvis Presley is always considered one of the most popular music artists of all time. He was responsible for multiple worldwide hits that cemented his legacy in the entertainment business. Some even look up to him as an icon and that’s probably why people find it hard to believe that their idol suddenly left them.
That fact seems to be a hard pill to swallow to some of his fans and that might be the exact thing running in Bill Smith’s mind. He sued Elvis’ camp saying that the famous singer didn’t actually pass away in 1977. That’s one conspiracy theory for your all and we have to give him huge credit for his dedication towards “King of Rock and Roll.”

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