These Loved-Up Hollywood Couples Prove Age Is Just A Number

Hollywood seems to have the most colorful love story to tell. From the favorite match-made-in-heaven couples to the directly derived fairytale-like stories, you can find all kinds of relationships here – including the May-December love affair. Though some still raise their eyebrows seeing Hollywood couples with the huge age gaps between each other, others gradually accept that it is becoming the norm. Mind you, despite the degree of the age difference between these couples; they are often the ones who thrive. Take Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example. The actor is 25 years his wife’s senior, but they are now celebrating more than two decades of marriage. This couple is just one of the too many May-December relationships in the business that have proven that age is nothing but a bunch of numbers when it comes to love. As they say, age doesn’t matter, and they’re the living proof that it’s true. Check out this list of the most loved-up Hollywood couples who defy the big age differences between them.

Rowan Atkinson, 65, And Lousie Ford, 34 – 31 year difference

Rowan Atkinson and Lousie Ford started dating in 2015. The two first met on the set of the West End comic play Quartermaine’s Terms. However, it was only when Atkinson and his then-wife Sunatra parted ways— with the help of some lawyers—that they began to have a relationship. They were often walking the streets of London together. Their 31-year age difference seemed to be no biggie for the two.

Atkinson is 65 while Ford in 34. They always looked loved-up, not minding the gap, and what people would say. Their five-year relationship only proved that age did not matter at all, and it was just indeed a bunch of numbers. Ford moved into Atkinson’s House in 2016. A year later, Ford gave birth to a daughter. Now, Atkinson and Ford lead a peaceful life together.