Golden Aged Celebrities and Where They are Now

Most celebrities are often forgotten and some would even think that they are no longer with us. It’s surprising to see how those who’ve reached the golden age managed to still look gorgeous and healthy for their years. The celebrities on this list are icons for both music and the film industry. Though we’d often want to be in the loop with our favorite icons, there are those we miss, mainly because they’ve shied away from the limelight for such a long period. Read through this listicle, and be in the know with how they’ve been, where they are, and what they’re up to.


Molly Ringwald was born in California. She lived there with her chef mother and pianist father. She started acting when she was only five. After wowing audiences for her performance in a production of Annie, Molly Ringwald was noticed by a casting director. She was then cast to play her first major TV role on the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. Molly was only about 11 years old when she did the show, but she was already displaying a superb acting style.

When she did her first-ever film, Tempest, she quickly earned a Golden Globe nomination for New Star of the Year. The ’80s darling then became a member of the famed Brat Pack and even topped VH1’s 100 Greatest Teen Stars. Today, Molly continuously blesses fans with her greatness, especially in her collaborations with the filmmaker John Hughes. If only actresses can loan their talent, many aspirants will most likely want to get it from Molly.